Sunday, October 05, 2008

Copper is the colour

Have I told you that copper is the colour of classic? I'm surprised on how copper could turn out to be such classic pieces and definitely looks elegant when I'm wearing it. Too bad, I don't have bigger chopper chain link, or else I could have made more.

Introducing the new series of copper bracelets and handphone charm, I call these " The Sweet Classic".

This is a really simple piece of work, with a few black and brown cube glass beads and copper link chains.

Next would be a lil more chunky. I've combine a link of brown cube glass beads with copper link chains and a few pieces of rose quartz to add a lil details at the toggle. Plastic gold beads and chandelier like black cube charm to finish the pieces.

A matching hand phone charm to go with it. Made with love plastic bead, rose quartz chips and black cube glass beads.

I've just came back from Gua Tempurung, more updates on that next. Though it was really tiring and my legs hurt so much now, but i surely enjoyed the day trip with my colleagues.


Lobak said...

oi u went to Gua Tempurung ha... When?? Sunday? My bf was there on Saturday..haha

I'm planning a trip in soon.....hahaha. can't wait for your "experience" n photo sharing via ur blog...cepat cepat... (my God, I feel like reading blogs are the only way we keep in touch now... haha)

Stephanie meiyu said...

haaha, i went on saturday, how come i don't see him!?!?!?!?! I was there in the morning..