Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cameron Highlands

This has took me so long, now since it's Raya holiday, i finally have time to browse through my Cameron Highlands pictures and update the post.

The trip was perfect, even though it was such a short one (2 days a night). I guess everyone of us had truly enjoyed the companion and the fresh green air. Especially when I wake up in the morning, I can't help but stood at the balcony just to enjoyed the lovely scenery.

Green is amazing isn't it? It helps you to slow down your life and enjoy every single details around you, i don't know how it does it.

Cousin bonnie, Peter, Sheena and I, were waiting at Tanah Rata for Daddy to arrive. It was a bright sunny afternoon.

The amazing garden infront of our Equatorial apartment.

So we went down and took lots of pictures.

What do u say? Peter had just got his hair cut.

I can barely open my eyes, the wind were too strong.

We went to have our afternoon tea at Boh Tea Plantation up the hill. There we have my cousins, my aunts, my uncle and Daddy, not forgetting Edvin, Peter and Joyce ( cousin Steven's girl)

We went up the hill, but couldn't reach the top, because it was already drizzling.

Sheena Fong and the camera man, Edvin.

Dinner we had charcoal steamboat. I don't know why they have this big long black metal tube in the middle. I warned Peter to make sure he eats fast because if he's slow, he won't get enough food. My cousins are big size and tall, and they sure eat darn fast and a lot!

We were testing on the camera's position in the balcony..

DSC00910 take this group photo!

Upon check-out, the next morning, we went to the organic farm ( I called it so, because i don't what its name).

..and strawberry park. Sheena and Daddy behind were discussing weather to go in and pluck strawberries.

Strawberry yogurt, it's good!! The next time you go strawberry park, make sure u have this before leaving.

Strawberries, strawberries

Bye bye Cameron Highlands!


Jasonmumbles said...

The tube is to divert the smokes to above the patron's head rather into the face. :D

Charcoal mah, got smoke one ler

Stephanie meiyu said...

oh, i see i see, didn't see any smoke woh, or maybe i was too busy eating :P

Jasonmumbles said...

Or maybe because the smoke is up above your head? Haha.