Friday, October 03, 2008

Book thongs for book lovers

I love going to Borders in the sunny afternoon to enjoy it's ever so cold air-conditional as well as books! I usually like book stores which are really really big, i guess Borders in Queens Bay is by far the biggest i can find in Penang which have all types of books. I bought a couple of polymer clay books weeks ago and thinking i could get a few more. But no, i couldn't get any, none is available.

While i was dragging myself out of Borders, this book suddenly appeared out of nowhere....caught my attention for sure, it has a big doggy picture on its cover, "My life with George by Judith Summers". After the experience from "Marley and I, i kinda fell in love with doggy stories. One day, i might write my stories with Jasmine.

While paying for the book, i saw book thongs at the cashier, in me, i thought why not i make my own book thong? So, there it is, I came out with 3 designs.

I shall call this "Jasmine In my Heart". The golden-brownish plastic beads reminds me of Jasmine (her coat colour), with rose quartz and pink Swarovski crystal.

Pink for the lady and blue for the man. Made with brown cube glass bead and light blue Swarovski crystal.

"Mushroom's key", the name just came to my mind. Made with brass key charm, gold plastic round beads, brown cube glass beads, yellow seed beads and ball chain. It could be nicer if i use waxed linen cord instead of cotton tread, sadly, i don't have any.

When i've purchase a few bronze findings, I fell in love with it. When i look at this hand phone charm, it reminds me vintage pieces. I should give it " Love in the Olden Days", what do you say?

Last but not lease, this is a wedding gift to a colleague of mine who is getting married in December. I haven't done its packaging, hoping she's not reading now. She love crystals, so I made her rose quartz charm bracelet with dark pink Swarovski. Name of this? " Pink Potato with Cherry"


|||gReEnLeAf||| said...

Steph, very nice design..u really can start selling all these online

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahahahaa, you're not the 1st one who asked me to start selling them. I have the idea too, but too lil confidence, maybe when i'm really good in it 1st, then i might start selling them :P

Thanks a lot for the compliment, it helps a lot!