Sunday, October 05, 2008

Baby shoe bracelet

My beads are so limited, you can noticed my designs have repeated beads pattern. Too bad, penang has very few bead shops, so far I've only been to Gem(Bar) in Queens Bay. I've come to know that there's one near Victoria Street, but I haven't have time to visit it.

Made another bracelet this morning with a baby shoe charm.
Ingredient : White gold link chain, gold plastic beads, black cube glass beads, gold and black Japanese seed beads.

Thats all for now, I'm waiting for more charms to arrive where I bought from ebay.


jiin said...

they're very lovely!! is it hard to make them?? *drools*

Stephanie meiyu said...

It's not hard at all, I've learned it all by myself. It might not turn out as nice initially, but as you make more and practice more, it'll be better than those you bought from shops. Besides, you can customize to how you like it to be, really fun to play with.

jeewei said...

Nice wor Steph..didn't know you're into this. Could have looked up a couple of beads shop in hong kong for ya.

When gonna open for order eh? :P

Stephanie meiyu said...

Yes, jee wei, but it's too late when i realised that, u're already in HK. But, i'm really really happy with the compliments, maybe I will start a online store, can help me with my website layout?

jeewei said...

There's actually this shopping cart template that you can use. I tried it out before and it isn't bad. Users can log in, then choose what they want in the cart, then choose the payment type. Maybe I help u look it up some day ;)

Ey how come don't have 4-leaf-clover?