Monday, September 29, 2008

War museum

Daddy and Sheena came to penang simply because they wanted to visit his daughter, her sister *winks* . Peter and I brought them to places which served good food, some were reasonably priced but others were too expensive. Can u imagine paying RM45 for 3 bowls of fish noodle ?!?!? and it didn't taste nice at all.

Later in the afternoon, we drove all the way to Bt. Maung for war musuem. Impressive, i enjoyed it, thats because we have a walking history book with us. It was like a story telling session. If and only if Malaysian musuems have professionals guide, it wouldn't be so boring anymore.

Entrance fee is RM15 for Malaysian and double for foreigner. War museum is said to be here to tell the real stories covering all aspect of life in wartime. They have a lot of chambers and tunnels used during WWII, some of it has photographs to add a touch of reality when you're in it. Seriously, i find it rather creepy and disturbing, especially those in the medical infirmary.

I never took any pictures of the chambers nor the tunnels, because we're advised not to, after all, this is a place where thousands of people had died.

Daddy was a lil excited with the anti-air gun. It was a real gun though.


Little story behind :
Opened to the public in 2002, it was an original British military defence fortress built in the 1930s to protect the island from enemies in anticipation of World War 2.

Designed by British engineers and built by South Afircans, Indians, Nepalese, Prisoners-of-War and locals. It houses a canon-firung bay, anti-aircraft firing bays, sleeping quarters for soldiers, cookhouse, lockup ad command centre. Much of what you see today is very much in the same condition as when it was built. Most of the buildings and structures have stood the test of time.

One would also get and idea how the solder then lived. The barracks are designed according to rank. One set for British officers, others for British other ranks, Indians and Malays. You would get to see the toilet, which consists of a bucket secluded in a walled cubicle. Underground pipes supplied water from a well.

Do you still have booby trap now?!!?

They're back home now, i miss the time where we spent all time talking and talking non-stop, in the car, lunch, and even when we're walking.

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