Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tanglung Party


Jonathan invited some of his colleagues, which included me, to his tanglung party some time ago. Tanglung in his interpretation means chinese lantern . It was something really simple, more like colleagues gathering after work. Sean (Jon's baby) and Edric ( Ed's baby) joined us for the fun!

We arrived at Jon's hours earlier before dinner, because we're supposed to have "tanglung" making competition. Few person in a group, total 3 groups, here we have Peter, Greg and I, Ed was there to just fill in the gap in the picture, haha!

Greg's ChineseIndian from Klang, who claimed he saw Zakaria's mansion, Ed's Philippines but migrated to US long long time ago, but has been working in Penang for almost 8 years.

making in progress, Edric kept asking what are we doing, and he don't seems to understand no matter how we explained. Very cute boy who throw tantrum to his parent by lying on the floor like a frog, really funny!

Sean eats non-stop, yet Edric only eats when he's having fun eating. Sean shared his pear with Edric, so warm.

I've made chicken ham cheese lil sandwich, suprisingly it tasted good. Dinner was US pizza, delivery.

Sean with a lantern.

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