Sunday, September 21, 2008


I'm bidding on a 50 blocks of polymer clay on ebay, I wanted to play with polymer so long time ago yet i couldn't find a shop in Malaysia which sell polymer clay with reasonable price. I found a few though, but they're selling so expensive, thats i i decided to purchase from international seller from ebay, way so much cheaper.

I went to YenJi clay shop in I-Avenue to only realised they're using air-dry clay not polymer clay, so sad. I didn't sign up their classes loh...and they have very limited tools and molds.

While waiting for my polymer clay to arrive and all other tools, i played with plasticine instead. KEKEKE, kinda happy with it though. Here's some of the pictures,




I was trying to make MIKE from Monster Inc. but i couldn't get his arms and legs right, so i left it without any.

later, i tried again, it looks ok.


jeewei said...

Your mike plasticine really mm chi yong hahaha..

Hey, Capri is huge dy..don't think you can carry her the next time you come visit. She just had her 3rd jab, can go out kai kai dy.

Stephanie meiyu said...

mm chi yong? but i think it looks really like woh...

she's growing so fast already? miss playing with her. After her 3rd jap, she's allow to go out?

jeewei said...

You really found a new hobby haha..
Ok la the eye was similar.

Yeah she's allowed to go out now. I have to leave her at the vet for the whole next week as I'm going to Hong Kong..sad sad thing to do :(

liwei said...

amazing :)