Monday, September 15, 2008

Open water diving course-photo updates

Ok, this post is supposed to be up long long time ago, but I've dragged centuries before posting it, simply because i have too many pictures and i don't know where to start.

This diving trip was an impulsive decision when Alfonso asked if we're interested. We took less than a month of preparation, but he did everything for us, all i have to do is to pay him. We took Firefly to Kuala Terengganu and stayed a night before headed to Redang Island.

KT has nothing to offer, and we had malay food every meal, i spend my afternoon sleeping in the hotel, outside was hot and hot and nothing but hot. I couldn't even find a decent shopping mall to buy my sun block. It was that bad, thats y i decided to just hang around the hotel instead.

On our way to Redang Island on the boat. The boat was bumpy but fun !

The beach was sandy white and the water was tempting. I can't wait to jump inside.

Getting ready to dive. We had a day of studying and paper test before we could really get into practical. Only if we passed our paper test, we will have our practical test in the water. It wasn't easy, so many things to learn, so many things to remember and we're supposed to learn everything in 3 days!

The oxygen tank was dead heavy, 12-13kg you know. I always having hard time carrying it to the boat. But when it was in the water, i felt nothing on my back.

Boarding the boat to a boat dive.

waiting anxiously.

Flipping flipping, it not easy to maintain your buoyancy (object in water without sinking nor floating to surface).

Its rather blur, but this is all we could get, because we have lousy camera.

Blue spot stingray.


Our 3 days instructor, Desmond.

Nemo family, very very very cute. I was obsessed with clown fish when "Finding Nemo" was released.

Jelly fish were beautiful but scary, look closely, those white spots at the back were all jelly fish.

I was enjoying myslef.

I have my dive log book, being a proud owner of the book and looking so tan already.

and finally my temporary membership card. The real card will be send by PADI later.

Diving was really fun, something i never expected i would do. I'm always afraid of deep water, but this trip has brought me into a different world. Under water world gives me a feeling of peace and its definitely beautiful. It feels different from watching in National Geographic, it feels real and i strongly encourage you to try.

It might be an expensive hobby ( those equipments can cost you thousands), but I am definitely having my 2nd trip, 3rd and so on. It feels like fantasy, i've completely forgotten i'm an engineer when i'm underwater.


narrowband said...

OMG coolness. Wei you should try play with the camera's white-balance while in water. It's a cool thing you can shoot underwater at all.

Stephanie meiyu said...

yea, really cool, we were using sony point and shoot camera only. How to control the white balance that won't make the pictures look so blue?!

We have met a group of people, they have really canggih cameras, i saw this guy brought along his wide angle lens, the pictures are so so so so nice loh!

When is urs? I'm planning a trip to langkawi maybe or somewhere near to dive after CNY. If u're in time, u can come along.