Sunday, September 28, 2008

More than I imagined

I've spent my Sunday afternoon doing these, feeling satisfied.

I always love chunky bracelet with alphabets or numbers, simple yet unique.
Ingredient : White gold plated link chain, metal box charm, F letter charm.

Butterfly and flower, they're inseparable. This bracelet don't have chunky chain like the 1st 2 i did, I've used ball chain to make it looks famine.
Ingredient : Pink flower and butterfly charm, ball and chain link, Swarovski crystal (pink and blur)

This handphone keychain consist of turquoise Swarovski crystal and metal seahorse charm.I learned to hold Swarovski crystal into cubes with waxed nylon thread, it was easy but tedious.

Yearning for more butterfly.
Ingredient : Pink Swarovski and coloured butterfly charm

Blooming daisy on shinning crystal.
Ingredient : Light blue Swarovski and blue daisy charm

Then i thought i might as well do its packaging, i could give it as a gift.
I came out with Freedom as its name, because blue and sea horse reminds me of the ocean and ocean means freedom.


liwei said...

Wow! Girl, you can start selling them dy!

I want! ;)

estherlei said...

Steph, that is very nice!
mind to tell what is the site u buy all those diy stuff?

Stephanie meiyu said...

thanks darling, how have u been??? feels like its been ages since i last saw u.

esther, i bought from a few sites actually, but i can recommend u and, i bought most of my charms from :)