Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I've finally got my Open Water Diver license

During "Merdeka" holiday, I took 2 days off from work and have gone to Pulau Redang with Peter, Alfonso and Waifun to get our Open Water Diver license. In short, we went P.Redang diving.

Still in holiday hang over, i will updates with lots of pictures later when i have more free time alone. I will be rushing back home for Sheena's convocation this weekend, and missing the last chance to meet up with Duncan before he leave for South Africa for work :(



eunice said...

wow, interesting! i also thought of trying diving. hehe

Lobak said...

congrats, my dear :)

ym said...

congratulation diver!!! i am getting advance next week!!! :D

i bet u will say,.. diving ROX!

narrowband said...


Stephanie meiyu said...

eunice, you should try, very very fun.

Thankz licia, when is yours? Dave said he's getting his very soon, so we could all go diving together.

Hey YM, yes, diving really ROX, wow, advance aint easy i heard, all the nest ya.Btw, if i'm getting my diving stuff, i can always count on u hor?

DAVE, i'm waiting, better be fast! all the best, may u swim in the water and fly in the air!!!