Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend at Cameron Highlands

It was a blast, though it was kinda rushy. I LOOOoooove spending time with my family, i love having vacation with my noisy bunch of aunts, uncle and cousins. Daddy has always been the middle man in organizing trips like this, gathering all his siblings and cousins and we'll go somewhere near or far, just to spend time together.

Daddy booked a apartment in Equatorial so they can have bigger room for Mahjong. It was a wise choice, the apartment has the biggest balcony, almost as big as the living. It was funny to see them playing Mahjong with shawls and sweaters with hot beverages. I supposed they enjoyed the cool wind.

We arrived Cameron Highlands at noon, dumped everything in the apartment and stormed out for lunch, we were so hungry that we could eat the cow!

It was merely a seeing flowers, cactus, buying veges, flowers and catching up with each others, 2 days 1 night trip, yet i found it so meaningful.


I have only this picture, Edvin took all the pictures with his Sony Alpha DLSR, i don't know which model, i know nuts about it. So, pictures will be posted once i get from him.

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