Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend at Cameron Highlands

It was a blast, though it was kinda rushy. I LOOOoooove spending time with my family, i love having vacation with my noisy bunch of aunts, uncle and cousins. Daddy has always been the middle man in organizing trips like this, gathering all his siblings and cousins and we'll go somewhere near or far, just to spend time together.

Daddy booked a apartment in Equatorial so they can have bigger room for Mahjong. It was a wise choice, the apartment has the biggest balcony, almost as big as the living. It was funny to see them playing Mahjong with shawls and sweaters with hot beverages. I supposed they enjoyed the cool wind.

We arrived Cameron Highlands at noon, dumped everything in the apartment and stormed out for lunch, we were so hungry that we could eat the cow!

It was merely a seeing flowers, cactus, buying veges, flowers and catching up with each others, 2 days 1 night trip, yet i found it so meaningful.


I have only this picture, Edvin took all the pictures with his Sony Alpha DLSR, i don't know which model, i know nuts about it. So, pictures will be posted once i get from him.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Updates on RFMF -part5

On the 3rd day, we started our day with shopping, walked down the street and hunted for souvenirs. It was such a hot burning day, we were sweating like pig!

So, I bought not so much comparing with my friends.I always thought girls are naturally born a shopper, but they'd proved me wrong! You can't imagine how much they'd spent on just souvenirs alone. For example, Gan bought more than 5 "kuih lapis/kek lapis", one was as big as a swiss roll, and Fai bought almost 10. Gusman bought so many t-shirts, and Jeewei the best, he bought an authentic Rayban!!!

I bought a couple of t-shirts for Peter, Edwin, Sheena and daddy, some keychains and pepper for my colleagues (I've already post about these) and beaded bracelets for myself. Sweet!

..and a wool ring (i left it in Kuching, don't mentioned it anymore, it was really a special one! )

There...jeewei's new shade, was 2 times the price of my Guess.

At the entrance, on the 2nd day of the event, the place felt lively and happening with more crowds and noise. We had to queue to enter and our bags were checked before entering. We were not allowed to bring more than a bottle of water per person. WHY is that so? i bet they wanted us to purchase inside rather than bringing a whole basket full of picnic food.

More performances on the 2nd day, and music was louder definitely.

Khek the cow boy.

This time, i saw more gaurd dogs. They're really cute one, i just like the way they drink water. You should see it, i don't think jasmine can ever do that.

The day was sunny and warm. We were having hopes that we don't have to be wet.

Look at those beautiful food stalls. The whole place felt relaxing and nice, except for the mosquitoes which was not a problem to me,mosquitoes don't like me.

muddy venue.

More doggies...

At night, it wasn't raining and it was really fun! I mean, RFMF can be more excited if we don't have to get so wet.

Even though we're not wet (not raining) but our feet were soak in mud. Sometimes i find it a bit yucky, unless u're already so muddy in arms and legs, like everyone else.

We were so sweaty.

Eujin was forced to smile.

They're my favourite group, from Poland.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Updates on RFMF -part4

These are some pictures of Somerset Serviced Apartment, our place for 5 days in Kuching.

The building looks fantastic from outside.

The hallway, since it's service apartment, they don't have grand lobby, only a small reception with only one receptionist on duty at a time.

We booked a 3 rooms apartment, this is the middle room, liwei's and eujin's


I would say this was the perfect room for Gusman and Fai, since both of them has individual sleeping habit which disallow others sleeping on the same bed with them.


I will not show the pictures of the master bedroom, because it looked like a war-zone. Since it was the biggest room, where Sim, Duncan, Gan, Khek, Alan, Jee and i put our luggages. But Alan, Khek and Gan had to sleep outside the hall. The room just aint big enough to fit everybody.

Living hall.

Kitchen, equipped with most of the household appliances and utensils. Oh, btw, it has washing machine as well, but this never surprised me the most, the spin DRYER it was. Oh gosh, that dryer had been our most frequent used appliance in that 5 days. We dumped everything inside, swim suits, towels, even under wears! i'm so addicted to it already!

Aside with those amazing things in the apartment, Somerset has roof top swimming pool which allows us to view Kuching town and felt like we're swimming in the air.

If you want to laugh out laugh, please go ahead, because i laughed so hard also. When the picture were taken, everyone had something to busy with. I guess jeewei must had saw a mermaid in the pool, and fai should be farting, looks at the gigantic bubbles from his back. Alan? should be in his usual face.

This is even funnier, Khek was trying to convince them that his "six-months-pregnant-like-stomach" was due to the bloated effect after a meal. But jee and steph weren't convinced.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Updates on RFMF -part3

On the next day, we got up pretty early for breakfast. Alan bought kolok mee for all of us, as tasty as always! After breakfast, we lazed around our hotel for awhile before dressing up for RainForest Wolrd Music Festival.

RFMF held annually in Kuching, everywhere we go, we see its banner and advistisment. Most of the tourists were mainly to RFMF.

Getting ready for the event. Sim and Jeewei proudly present thier army pants (do u call those army pants? because i don't know whats the name, i know there's a name)

Since it was such a big event in Kuching, we found shuttle bus almost everywhere in the town. It was RM10 per trip, took at least an hour to the Cultural Village where the RFMF were held.

After an hour of boring coach ride, we stepped down from the coach right infront of the entrance. 1st day was a lil quiet, not many people, and we were there at 2pm hoping to attend some workshops.

It was a hot and sunny day, we never thought it would be raining cats and dogs at night during the peak of the event.

There were plenty of camps set up, selling souvenirs and food.


I don't remember what do they call this house, it was built high above the land with logs only.

They only served Heineken, but I was really surprise I found Starbucks too.

The village is really big, there's a pond in the middle and there were chairs and tables along it, and they called it "BEER GARDEN". Fascinating huh?

We were at one of the "Long House" trying to squeezed into the crowd but failed. It was too packed inside, we managed to stayed outside only.

There were workshops where musicians played and teached a lil to the audiences.

This was the venue for the night show.

It wasn't a balloon behind us, it was paper lights set up purposely for the event. we found these lights everywhere in the village, reminding us we were in RAINFOREST WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL.

It was finally at night, drizzling at 1st, but everyone were going crazy, they threw away thier umbrellas and danced together in the rain. Later it was pouring really heavily, i felt like i was showering in the open air. But it was really really fun, and cold of course!

There you go, me looking so wet and Gan said i looked like siao cha bo. be continued

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Updates on RFMF -part2

Rainforest World Music Festival was a 3 days event, most people would go for only 1 or 2 days, but we bought a 3 day pass.
Once we'd rested and settle down with our luggages, we hit down the street next to our hotel for lunch. Only walking distance, because we don't have any transportation, neither do we know how to take the bus.


Sim and Duncan was the 1st person who yelled all the way from the airport saying they wanted to eat the famous Kolok mee. Looks like Wantan mee to me, but taste better, i kinda like it though, i had it for breakfast every morning. Big portion of serving but for only RM2.60, you definitely can't get anything like this here in Penang, don't mention KL.


Kuching town area, we were exploring around.


..and noticed there're a lot of cat's statues, i mean really really a lot, some are nice, some are funny, some doesn't even looks like cat, lion maybe.


We we cam whoring with the cats, duncan sure like cats!


After our expedition, we went back and napped. We didn't sleep well the night before, we could have good night sleep in the cold marble airport floor!?!?!? After hours of sleep, we headed to the restaurant nearby wanted to have seafood. But the food was horrifying! Alan didn't join us, he went back home for the night.


After dinner, explore the town again, and took lots of pictures with cats again, and discover the biggest Bata shop i've ever seen in my life. It was 3 storeys, at the corner. Kuching sure like Bata a lot huh?


I am the shortest in the group, even Liwei is taller. They actually bent thier legs a lil to make me looks taller :)


At night, we went to a pub for a drink, called Grappa, and i was surprised a lot of bars and pubs were empty even though it was already 12 am.

Alan joined us later, and this was when the nightmares of seow bee started. After the pub, Alan fetched a few of us to somewhere to pack supper for everybody. Initially we bought 30 seow bee and i was already complaining that might be too much, as we were waiting for our kolok mee, we started to munch one by one, it was gone in seconds. Only then we had to packed more seow bee, like 50 loh, and they complained not enough! be continue