Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yenji clay craft classes

I've been waiting for so long, i wanted to go for art classes for ages! I saw this advertisement somewhere about a newly opened clay craft shop near my house. So i visited today, and asked about the classes they offered.

I'm so excited about it. I am signing up after my diving course in Redang which is in August. Budget's a lil tight till then, because the clay material might cost some money.

I saw lots of flower pots that were made out of clay, they're so real! You know, i can't wait to make my own flower pots, or fingurines or etc.


Do you know that making a flower pot with the size of the real flower takes at least more than 10 hours, and if you were to purchase one, it'll cost you hundreds.


Aside from that, I'm currently obsessed with " How I Met Your Mother" season 1. Totally cool show, i didn't want to say this, but seriously, they remains me of my friends back in KL. hahahaha!

They also remains me of "Friends" and my days back in University where all my friends were staying close to me.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Lunch at CRC

I happily skipped the morning badminton session simply because i slept so late yesterday. Skipped my breakfast and headed to town for lunch.

We had lunch at this place called CRC (Chinese Recreation Club), the club was founded in 1931. Can you believe it, it is older than my dad!


The interior hasn't changed much i supposed, because when i was in there, i felt like time had flashed back to the 50's. But i kinda like the checks flooring, very very good workmanship!

I'm sure this place definitely looks creepy at night.


I have this bad thing in mind that old place are usually very dirty place. I never like old places or any vintage stuffs. If you ask me about this place (CRC) i don't really like it, but the food was good i must say, at least i went there 2 times this week.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Photo updates on RFMF

I've collect over thousands of RFMF pictures from Sim, I definitely need some time to arrange those pictures. Here's some pictures of us in the airports, before reaching Kuching.

Remember i mentioned we had a night at KLIA, we practically slept on the cold marble floor. I wish i brought along a monopoly, all we had was a set of poker cards which i have no interest at all. Everyone was tired and most of them dozed off except for sim and fai i guess. I'm not sure who was awake because i slept like a pig.

I have no idea how i menage to sleep so soundly in such condition. Luckily i brought along my baby blanket, or else i would have freeze to death. At such moment, i missed my bed so much for once.

Gan, Alan, Duncan and Jeewei (the blur blur one), in front of LCCT before we depart to KLIA bus shuttle bus.

The first thing we did right after we reach KLIA was to Burger King for supper...damn i miss burger so much. Why there's no Burger King in Penang?!?!

Our camp site in KLIA. ,looked like a refugee's camp. Khek was the 1st to dozed off on the floor, i bet he must be very tired because he snored!

I wish i have a sleeping bag!

From left, jeewei, gan, alan and khek. Looks like dead corpses on the floor hor? I am so dead to post this picture here.

This is worse, Gusman is hugging jeewei. Notice Duncan behind? He must be listening his "Better" by Tom Baxter.

Duncan oh Duncan!

I looks like i didn't wear anything beneath.

Amazing night scene from KLIA huh?

We were at LCCT waiting to board the plane to Kuching. I think this picture is a lil hilarious, because i was combing my hair with my hair still attach to my fingers and khek was yawning behind. What a picture sim...

Alan's shade is too big for elmo.

This is sim, our photographer for the trip, why, because he has a DSLR.

Eujin and Liwei. Love this picture, they should print this in size of 20R, framed it and hang it up the wall.

Blue blue sky up above the clouds.

We finally reach our hotel in kuching. Picture is a bit obscence, i'm not sure whats jeewei doing with Gusman's leg.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

second day

I'm so happy that Dr Heng (my dentist) called to gave me a few days MCs..kekekekkee!! I don't need that actually, but he said my face would be swollen and it'll be really obvious.

Yesterday was really painful, i didn't feel like doing anything at all, i called peter a few times to make sure he showed up in front of me. I'm so pampered! He brought me dinner, juices and ice-bag, they helped to relieve my pain.

Look at my bottom right chin...

My surgery was a lil difficult, my tooth was hard and big, Dr Heng had to drill my tooth into 3 pieces before it could extracted. i thought i could keep the tooth.

I don't feel that painful today, i wanted to eat so badly but i can hardly chew!

I had this earlier and they're yummy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I had my wisdom tooth extracted

In the middle of recovery! No mood!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Half day leave to the dentist

My tooth is giving me so much trouble, i thought wisdom tooth should make me wiser, isn't it? How come i don't feel smarter? My gums are getting worse, I need to remove my wisdom tooth before it gets infected.

Jon recommended me to Adventist Dental Clinic, Peter also, Dr Chua also, Peter's aunt also, everybody also, why is everyone asking me to go Adventist? I know Adventist is good, but it's freaking expensive, RM600++. I removed my the other wisdom tooth 1 year plus ago in Ong Dental Kepong, for only RM500 which i think he's the best dentist ever, since he's the only dentist i ever visited. I trust him and only him.

*mike has no wisdom tooth, therefore he's stupid*

I thought the pain could last long enough until my next trip back home, but it's bothering me already. I can't eat well and loss of appetite.

Instead of going to Adventist, Peter brought me to Chua Dental Clinic in town, it was recommended by a colleague of mine.


From his testimony, the clinic sounded good, but to my horror, when i reached the clinic, it was one of the super old shops along the street. Trying to convince myself that it couldn't be that bad inside *don't judge a book by its cover*

Inside,was same! everything looked so old and the place was so small and so packed. I wanted to leave so badly, but i have no idea what was in me that had made me went in and then he checked on my tooth. Praise the lord, he said he couldn't do it because my gums need to be cut open.

Alright alright, i knew what it meant, because i had the similar case last time. 70% of my tooth is in my gums. I am so glad he couldn't do it, if he could, i won't let him do it!

Leave me no choice but to make an appointment tomorrow in Adventist with Dr Heng, happened to be Jon's friend. Peter had experience with Adventist Dental Clinic and i believe they should be good.

*I could still smile today, i'll see if i still can smile by tomorrow *sob sob*

Before headed to the clinic, we went to New World Park for lunch, it was my 1st time though, shame shame. I had salted fish fried rice and love it's decoration.

*Notice the heart shape fried egg*

Presentation was good, but didn't taste good, edible only.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My tooth is aching

I hate you, my wisdom tooth.
You made my gums swollen, and I hate you!

*I keep convincing myself that it'll heal and tomorrow will no longer be painful, i guess it's time to visit the dentist*

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday lunch at Salsas

Jon came up with a pretty good idea to make us definitely go church on sunday. He said he wants to have lunch with me after church....

Peter and I followed his car to Salsa at town to join the followed CG members with their precious babies along. I had my best lunch is nice, people are great and babies are just too cute! The urge of getting married has grew stronger...kekekeke!!

Esther, Jon and their baby Sean....

Sean loves to eat, I felt cuter by just looking at him.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The day i finally visited capri and lucky

Woke up rather early today, went to Island Hospital to have my Hepatitis B booster jap and headed to Jeewei's to play with Capri ( his copper Siberian Husky).


She's so cute and shy, when i went into the house, she was hiding underneath the chair. She wanted to play yet afraid to come forward, when Jeewei called her name, she jumped onto his lap and tried to hide inside....SO CUTE!

Then i gave her a ball with bell which i had brought for her, she love it so much. I supposed all doggies love balls, especially those with bells or squeezing sound.


She's so cute laa, looks like a lil white polar bear with blue contact lens.


When she finally not afraid of me, i cuddled her and quickly she fell asleep. I bet she must had feeling really comfortable in my arms. She's so nice to cuddle, like a ball of fur ...

After an hour plus of play time with her, Jeewei, Peter and I went out for lunch before headed to Sim's in Butterworth.

Lucky's totally different from Capri, if i describe Capri as a shy lady, then lucky is a friendly, energetic young man. He welcomed with me the biggest hug ever and face full of saliva..


Lucky loves his tennis ball and he knows where sim keeps it, he tried to jump on the shelf to reach it. When he did something wrong, knowing he might get beating, he would hide himself in the cage. Because when he's in the cage, sim can't reach him. Smart lil guy huh?

If we could stay nearby, it would be damn fun, because we can walk our dog together every evening and if one is on vacation, it will have someone to take care of.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Gigantic M&M's and Duncan's buttday!

The topics are not related! It's 2 different things with different thoughts.

Comparing with Smarties, I prefer M&M's and has been its biggest fan ever since. Ok la, a bit exaggerated, bottom line is...

I LOVE M&M's and it makes me happy all the time.

During the trip to Kuching, i bought myself a huge package of crispy M&M's, not only its packaging is big, but the pieces of M&M's inside are bigger than the normal ones i can find in the hypermarket. It was pricey of course , but i don't care, i can't find it anywhere but airport!


glass bottle has been my favourite buy, i feel happy seeing it every morning when i wake up.

Duncan's birthday, yes, TODAY IS DUNCAN TAN's buttday.....(i wanted to put his full name, but i dare not, because i'm confuse should it spelled "kien" or "kian", having known him for years and i still can't spell his name right * shame on me*)

pciture, courtesy of David Liow.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Movie night

I'm going for "Dark knight" later and it's pouring outside. I love the temperature and my mood!


Who wants Honey Stars?

I'm currently obsessed with MoonLight, the vampire tvshow.

Have i told you that Alex O'Loughlin is so cuteeeeeeee!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why i adore 3G and mobile internet

6I went for the movie " Journey to the center of the earth", i bought my tickets via Maybank2u as usual, i would jot the confirmation ID into my phone.


when i was about the collect my tickets from the counter, i couldn't find my phone anywhere in my bag.

no phone = no confirmtion ID = no movie tickets

I tried to get the person to check my ID using my phone number, failed! It was 5 minutes before the movie starts. The only thing in my mind was to get my phone at home, and suddenly, i heard someone saying internet..........i quickly check my inbox with Peter's 3G and it works!

I found the confirmation ID and watched the movie! I was so proud i thought of it before heading home.

Now i would shout....3G or whatever mobile online .....Rocks!!

Its princess Liang Nee's birthday

We had a lil celebration lunch at Swenson's, Queens Bay and birthday cake during tea hour. Happy Birthday darling and may you'll have the brightest future!

Birthday girl splashing her saliva onto her birthday cake.

Im feeling evil, posted this picture specially for know who u r..kekekeke!!

I had Chicken Ceaser salad for lunch. Because it was in such big portion i managed to finish only half of it, so i packed the other half for dinner. I didn't expect they would packed my left over so nicely, i was expecting white polystyrene only.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

holiday hang over

Due to holiday hang over, i pampered myself with a full day sleep in bed. Eat, watch movies and sleep, i never stepped out the house until Peter came and bring me out for dinner which was almost 10 at night.

I took a day off from work!

I bought souvenirs for my colleagues, most of them are key chains. I love the zebra's, i should have bought more.

Sarawak is definitely famous for their white pepper. This one for Peter's family. I bought few smaller ones for Irene and Hwei Tyng (because they cook at home)