Sunday, September 23, 2007


Sheena came to penang for the weekends. I picked her up from the bus station at 330 yesterday and we headed to Queens Bay Mall right after that. Didn't want to do shopping at 1st, but i couldn't think of anything to do in penang. A bit boring for someone who don't like to do sports like her, and yes, she likes to eat, yet she prefer nice cute special dishes rather than laksa or whatever. In fact, people said penang's food paradise, i think its more for local food paradise, international cuisine, no.

However, about shopping, we went to ROXY (emm, its QUICKSILVER from the outside, but also selling ROXY) and surprisingly, they are still having their annual sales. A lot of buy 1 free 2, buy 2 free 1, 50% for the 1 item-60% for the 2, CHEAP isn't it? TOO bad, i'm not really into those brands, but i somehow manage to get something to fit it all my daily use, a bag that matches with my makeup pouch (with lil loves the whole bag).

It could fit in everything, my makeup pouch, manicure and pedicure set, hairspray, facial products. I would be happier if it can even fit in my hairdryer. Oh, it has mirror inside, cool stuff isn't it?it cost RM139..

Jasimini said : Y buy stupid things again, save the money and buy snacks for me laaa! t

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Before and after, my bedroom







Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jasimini, 1st day in Regency Height

I havent got the time to organize my pictures, in fact, its still in a mess...not that i am too busy with my work, but i don't have the patience to sit infront of my laptop anymore. I am staring at the 21" LCD everyday for at least 8 hours, aint that enough?

Its nice to open my house door everyday, seeing a dog welcoming me after a long hectic day. I love Jasimini because she is who she is, she bites u when you stop her from eating, she shows angry face when she has not enough sleep, she steals your food without u even knowing it, she climbs over to your face when u;re sleeping soundly. She's not an ideal pet, not a good watch dog, but she is JASIMINI.


Friday, September 07, 2007

Another celebration

Has been having celebrations throughout the week. First was SK finally found a job in ASE, followed by a farewell lunch in Kenny Rogers for a colleague, then YungMing decided to stay and work in Penang, as he just accepted an offer.
Yesterday was hectic, i had too much work and dateline to meet. But somehow i've done what i should have done. Finished an assignment, yet another is waiting ahead. We had a two hours lunch with 60++ people in Queen's Bay Mall, kenny Rogers. Amazing isn't it? But that caused me to come work at 7am the next day ...
I've noticed i haven't been uploading pictures like i used to, i'm just too lazy and tired. I don't have that much of energy to blogging anymore, because uploading, arranging, rezising pictures takes me lots of time. I rather spend that lil precious time in resting.
Its friday but i can't feel the excitement anymore, all i know is to finish up my assignment and there i'll feel the satisfaction in me. Im afraid if i'm not going home this weekend, i might come office.....i'm going to be so lifeless. RESCUE ME!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What a day!

Was in the office, while sk text-ed saying Jasimini has did something terrible. All i though she might had peed or pooed in his bed....but no...
SHE BIT OFF SK'S RM600 specs!!!
left lense was no where to be found (in her stomach maybe), the frame was broken and scratch marks were everywhere on the right lense.