Thursday, August 30, 2007

The special day

It was our special day, he brought me to Swensen.

..and he bought me this. Thankz darling.


She has been in Penang for about 3 weeks and she seems to enjoy her afternoon nap so well everyday without fail.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My convocation

It took me 5 years to this, my convocation.

Multimedia University's Grand Hall, i have to admit, its huge and grand.



Alicia and JeeWei

Alicia and Liwei


Dave, Sim and Gusman..
DAVE?!?! what are u doing!?!

Dave and Jian

My all time favourite lecturer, Dr Ong.

KaWai, Gusman and Sim

Hui, Liwei, Eujin and Dave

Hanteong, Gan, Sim, Gusman and Jian

Close up with Wun, Alicia,Liwei and Jeewei

Sk and the Snoopy with mortar board. That snoopy is camping next to me everynight.

Hui, my roommate for years. Her pet doggie pug, Ruffie has be Jasimini's roommate too.

My convocation day wasn't very pleasant. It was pouring so heavily that it constrained graduates and visitors to certain places with shelter. The mood aint so right when ur shoes and pants get wet and squeezing through the crowd.

However, i did enjoy snapping pictures and throwing mortar board. Looking back, time flies, and 5 years, i have known friends and people, grown up and never regret.

Now that i'm working already, i miss the days where i look at my timetable, searching for the days that i don't have to wake up early.

I miss my friends so much, i know very well that we'll not be as close as we used to be, do things that we used to do, but i promise i am still your very good friend as always!

Special annoucement

1st day : 1 daed
2nd day : 2 dead
3rd day : 2 dead
4th day : 4 dead
5th day : unknown
Yes, its yungming's guppies in his room......poor guppies. We don't know what to do, we fed them on time, talked to them sometimes and Jasimini visited them everyday, yet more of them are dying each day.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Penang Drivers

It has been buried underneath me since the 1st day i drove in Penang. I hardly curse on the road, but i can't imagine i cursed almost everyday, that is 365 times a year. Average curse I've done when in KL was about 3 -4 times a year.....300 TIMES more in just about a month!
Is there any special therapy or even therapies for me to deal with these inconsiderateandidioticandbrainlessandstupidandmentally-illedandinsaneandfoolishandrecklessandirritating penang drivers?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Busy weekend

SK drove back home last friday morning, i tagged along because my car is still residing in the workshop, status unknown. We left Penang rather early, leaving house at 630am, ate breakfast and headed to the highway. WE didn't bring much things, knowing we'll have car full of stuff when we're back.
I had my schedules planned with Daddy and Sheena before i leave for KL. From collecting my robe in Cyberjaya to taking studio pictures to bringing JAsmine for full grooming session to my actual convocation on Sunday morning.
Everthing went well and smooth, except that i couldn't meet up my friends for dinner as planned. BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE A CAR, sheena and daddy weren't back till midnight. on Saturday morning, We went photography studio after breakfast, it took us less than 2 hours, efficient isn't it? Then i picked up Hanni and rushed to CYberjaya for my friend's convo session. For your information, we have different session on different day for different faculty. THe weather was good, not too hot not to wet, windy and cooling.
At night, daddy brought us to Ampang for korean. We always like korean...especially korean BBQ, the best food of all...If im forced to choose between korean and italian, korean definitely. I don't always get to have korean, only special occasion, because it's just too pricy. Of course i meant nice restaurant, korean owner. SO far, i havent found a nice korean restaurant in penang. WHat a waste, japanese a lot but not my cup of tea. There's one in Queen's Bay Mall , if you're not as fussy as me, its worth to try. However, for me, they aint my standard, i still prefer those in KL.
Enough of the boring korean talks. i'm actually blogging from office, my eyes is going nuts if i continue seeing layout diagrams.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Half day leave

I had my first ever team building in Spansion in Botanical Garden. Had super fun day despite the super burning sun, windy on and off. The catering from Bamboo was great, we had our lunch outdoor with trees and flowers. Although it was a lil hot, but the ambient was fantastic. All my colleagues were very funny and nice. Guess i'm in a right company, isnt it?

Team building aside, pictures will upload later. The event finished at about 2pm, went home had a quick shower and went to Gurney Plaza for The Simpson's Movie. Movie was at 745pm, had a lil shopping and bought a few cute things. I just can't help myself, shopping is part of my life, not buying things will definitely vanish my purpose of life.Trust me, it will!!

Found something interesting in Speedy just now, Steven Chow actually has a specially catered area selling only his movie from years ago. I can imagine his impact towards the comedies.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Jacuzzi night with Pelican

Despite the tragedy happened last weekend, housemates and i decided to give ourself a treat by drinking in the jacuzzi down at the club house. We had dinner at home just now, changed and went down right away. Can't wait to soak ourself with bubbly water while having beer/bottle cocktail.

Bought a pair of swimsuit since i never bring mine from home, pink and polka dots.




Tomorrow i'll be going Botanical Garden, having team building activities. CAN'T wait!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Road Accident

Nothing much to tell, mood aint right. I knocked into a car from its back, the damage was terrible. I consider myself lucky because the old couple were very good and kind to me. Never scold me yet helped me in the procedures,from getting a good workshop to making the police report. Everything was smooth, only minor scoldings from Daddy.

The police officer was very good too, totally different from those i've met back in Sungai Buloh during the last time I made an traffic accident report. I was shaking at 1st, but everybody was so nice to me, even the workshop workers were very helpful. They brought us to the police station, which is so darn far from the accident place-----Balik Pulau Balai Polis.

It'll be an expensive lesson.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

PC fair in Penang.

I always wanted to buy a pendrive since ages ago, because of its cutest SlipOn. Pendrive Mini is slightly longer than Pendrive Nano, I would prefer a Nano as it has more choices on its rubber casing a.k.a SlipOn. Today, i've gone to PC fair in Penang Pisa after breakfast, thinking to get a pendrive but eventually didn't. The price is a lil more expensive than i've seen in KL, but somehow i bought its SlipOn, will buy the Nano back in KL.

Only RM5, how could i resist?

To be frank, i've never burn a CD neither DVD in my life, never thought of doing so until i've realized the amount of my photos is taking up my pathetic laptop's hardisk . I have the idea of making a digital album, burning each photo album into CDs and browse them like the traditional way of photo album, difference is, its in CD rather than printed photos. I can resist anything but cute things, bought 10 pieces of Mickey Mouse CD with RM9.50.


Has been doing a lot of shopping for the house since the 1st day in Penang, still have lots of things to buy, the room aint completely furnished yet, but my kitchen is packed with appliances and food already. I have housemate who cook about anything under the sun, lucky me isn't it?

About days ago, we went Sunshine supermarket, saw this cow printed cushion. SK can't wait to hug it.

We have a new tenant at home last week, introducing the shy shy Chokie, Aivee's pet doggie. Jasmine will be arriving next week whereby i'll bring her to Penang during my trip back to KL for my Convo next weekend. I misses Jasmine so much, i wish i could hug her now.

She looks like the brown cotton teddy bear

Friday, August 03, 2007


I once thought office should be somewhat serious and will not be fun. I had the worse time working in Avago last time, not because the office doesn't feel physically comfortable, it has the biggest pantry, nicest canteen with the cheapest price, single cubicle with tall partitions, but the people around me. I hardly even talk to them, never feel comfortable with them around, i never ate lunch,tea with anyone in the department. (exclude the last day, treat from my supervisor)

Generation gap, explained it all. 90 percent of them are married people, most of them are 28 and above, most important, everyone of them are from PEnang. LAnguage could be one of the factor, when i talked to them, i felt the barrier between us. I was there for only 3 months and it felt years.

AFter graduation, i never hurry myself to find a job. Because i wanted to find a job which i'll like and will enjoy going work every morning. I was darn happy with i was offer a job in Spansion, reason is, i love the job scope. Now after 2 weeks in the office, i started to love the people here. maybe we don't have generation gap, everyone talks a lot everyday.

All in all, i am happy because every morning, i woke up on time and the 1st thing in mind is

"I can't wait to go work"

if u feel the same way i do, it means u've found the right job!