Monday, July 30, 2007

msg to kaivin

I can't help it but to do this
YONG Kaivin...~!!!
where is my pictures on Duncan's birthday ???
i don't remember his email add, i can't access to personal mailboxes, i left the only choice.
i hope he reads this.....nyek nyek!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lunch at Bequadro

When i don't have a washing machine at home, i gotta hand wash every single piece of my clothes. Not only mine but SK's as well, he just don't have the habit of doing his laundry.

To thank me, he treated , me lunch at Bequadro, E-gate.Thankz darling.

Updates on my short hair, i don't have the habit of camwhoring in the restaurant, so i took an inappropriate picture with my webcam.

and please, don't laught............because Kenyi laughed his lung out.

Friday, July 27, 2007

GAn said, Friday is a FLYday....indeed!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Updates on work

Second day of work, nothing much I've done. Settled everything I need to do. Getting my access card, user name, email address, EPF account, bank account, and have known new friends.

I have not assign a project yet, because i'm learning on a new software on layout design. NOt that hard, because its almost similar with the one that i am familiar with. Coincidence, have i told that my supervisor is also from Sungai Buloh. The world is small, my dad told.

I don't use Windows in the office, but Unix. Normal browsing is ok, but not personal emails, they are blocked. Life is Spansion aint as good as in Avago, but one thing for sure, i definitely love my job scope, that made me there.

My spansion email is : mei-yu.fong (at)

ps: if i;m not mistaken, don't really remember the email address, i left the paper in the office.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

New house, new job, new hair style

I've gone to the saloon and did something permanent. I cut my hair short! Yes, very short. I'm still adapting to my new hair, no pictures yet.

I'v shifted to my new house in Penang, Regency Height. The house is rather empty, the house is too big and we have too little things to fill in. AND my room, its completely EMPTY, forced myself to buy a mattress, my things are still in the boxes and bags.


This is my room..pathetic isn't it?


This is the living hall, big and empty ...more things to fill in.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

JUst some random pictures.

Thats not me!! Sheena, she was sleeping so deadly in the car.


Took this in penang last year, i can't believe i'll be there again..


Took this in G2000, nothing to do while waiting for Fai to try on his pants.

Ducan's brithday

Just in time to celebrate Duncan's birthday before i leave for Penang. In the afternoon, i met up Khek in 1utama together with SK, we bought duncan's birthday present, rushed home and wrapped it. Then picked up Kaivin and we headed to Subang Perade and had our dinner at TGIF.

Had a good long and funny chat with them. Oh gosh, the most popular lines from Khek and Duncan was...
WHY go penang?????????
I'll definitely misses them, they were my hang out partners during my industrial training in penang, now, i'm going penang and they stay in KL. Same goes to my buddies, I can't go gym with Hui like we've planned before graduation.....*cry*

I'm starting my evil plan now, persuading them to penang.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I am shifting to Penang in days time. My car? Definitely can't fit in my whole wardrobe, i have tones of shoes, uncountable bags and i couldn't imagine my clothes.

While packing, i've realised how many pairs of tip-toe covered shoes i have. Price ranging from RM40 - RM300

Saturday, July 14, 2007



landed property, me please!!!!
i have to move in by 20th July

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Going Penang

I just came back from Penang last night, met up with Jee and Sim for dinner and supper with Kenyi. Gosh, i felt so good seeing them again. I went for the interview in the afternoon, nasty security guards made Edvin, Sheena and I stood outside the guard house for almost an hour under the hot burning sun.

There are some internal miscommunication, they never received any notice about us going for interview. Calls here and there, finally the manager came out and picked us up, there only the problem solved. We weren't so happy, because he (security officer) treated us like nobody, no respect and being so rude. He spoke like as if he's the God, we are his slaves.

My interview took me 3 hours, technical questions all the way, my brain almost burst into pieces. The 1st paper was easy, then along with super complicated design, I was like going for a crash course for Layout design.

Finally, I am damn sure I'm going Penang. Took my offer letter the next day and now preparing for migration......kekekeke!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Steph Design

I used to make a lot of cards, especially birthday cards and i'll label it as Steph design. But i havent been doing since my final year, too busy with my school work. Few days back, i have a sudden urge to make one and i did one.


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Leaving for Penang on Sunday night for an interview. Wish me luck! Im missing my penang buddies so much, here i come KENYI,SIM,JEEWEI!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Visit to Sultan Abdul Samad Building


I am without words after seeing the aftermath of the KL floods weeks ago. Apparently some guy decided that his car is not worth saving.


The car was filled with mud instead of passengers. Unbelievable, even the wheels ditched the poor pathetic car for a better life, where? God knows.

I wanted a Digital SLR, the quality of pictures taken are so incredibly nice. I am hating my old camera, but there's the only camera i have until i have the money to get myself a DSLR. After days of searching and Yungming's recommendation, i finally thinks Nikon D40x is good enough for me. Although he mentioned some of the old and good lenses might not be compatible, but heck, who cares. I'm not earning money from it like he does, i just wanted to take nicer pictures.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Antique Grandfather clock

Dad brought back a very old grandfather clock. The old house made out of half wood and half bricks is demolishing tomorrow for rebuilding purpose. The clock aged more than 50 years old, belong to my grandfather. Grandfather's clock literally....kekeke!!


Daddy thought he might be able to fix it, not using battery, but chain. That old, can u imagine that! No wonder daddy didn't want dispose it. I tried playing with it, once i trigger it, i hear chain rolling followed by " dong...!dong.....!dong..!dong...!dong...!" ....goose bump! sounded like those horror movies i had watched.

A story book-"Marley and Me"


Recently, I've read this book by John Grogan- "Marley and Me". Marley was his Lab Retriever, the book is about the stories of him, worse dog anyone could have yet his pure and kind heart had touched the family.

It was a great book, i love how John Grogan described Marley in words. Simple yet funny! I cried when i was at the end of the book, furiously. It's amazing how human and dog can have such strong bonding. I guess if Jasmine die one day, i'll cry my heart out.

Jasmine in the basket


Duncan got this for SK for his birthday. But its understood that it'll eventually ended up in my room, hahaahahahhaaa!!! Who ask him to buy him a COW! nyek nyek!

Cookies making

For the 1st time, i BAKED cookies!! But with ready made cookie dough...kekekeke!! It tasted pretty nice, at least the colour still in brown....

so proud of myself.


Jasmine wanted too!

Neway session

Since sheena is on her winter break, Edvin, SK and i are graduates who are still hanging around. We boomed our way to Neway, 1 Utama. The price was super duper ultra cheap, with lunch and 3 hours of singing session. It cost only RM9 per pax!

Sheena and I

SK and I, being stupid as usual, because I know i am not photogenic at all! so y bother try hard to be pretty in the picture?

Sheena and Edvin, She's my sister, u can see it from the pictures.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Transformers is the movie of the year! Its a must watch movie......I was laughing at SK before when he was longing for the movie to be released. I always thought it was for children, and nothing special about it, but, after watching the trailer, i can't help but to buy the tickets a week before the released date.

Sk has a collection of transformers....the recent added is his transformer monopoly, got it from Melbourne. He thinks its his best achievement in "Melbourne-shopping-spree-session".