Sunday, May 27, 2007


I've gone to Cyberia to shift my furnitures back to home. Guess i'll never return to MMU until August for my convocation. Missing the place already.

Not many pictures to upload, as my camera is giving lil problem. I wanted new camera but i couldn't find good excuses. Lil problem but still functioning well only not as "cool".

So many things to update since my last paper. I've gone playing everyday to make sure i've fully utilized my holidays before i'm committed to work or studies again.

I havent decided to continue with my Master Degree or to work. I am reading this book namely
" Do what you are" .Not knowing what i want to do next, I usually knows what i want, like how i chose to study engineering.

I've gone to PD with my classmates. 2 days a night, left me memorable moments. I love my classmates, love when having them around because i feel comfortable.

Then i went a day outing with my buddies, Hui, Sim, Dave, Fai, SK, Jee. Karaoke in Neway, singing is our favourite, especially for Sim, but he slept halfway and we skipped ALL his THAI songs. It was ridiculous, songs and lyrics were in Thai and he didn't even know what songs were those!!!

Next day, i went shopping and met Liwei and Eujin. Jian, you still owe me pictures. Alicia has gone back to kuantan and will not be back for the next two months.

I am missing everybody already!

I'm leaving for Melbourne on Tuesday, see ya in two weeks time! and kangaroos on its way.......

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Black cookie

I tend to do stupid things when I'm all stressed up with my revision. I was in the kitchen, eating a cube of cheese from the fridge, and my i had this thought of melting it into the ginger cookie, inspired by Eujin's oven toaster. But it never came out like i expected.....


The cube of cheese was still in the cube shape (which i'd expected it to be completely melted, at least out of shape), then i thought it might due to the coating, i smashed the cheese and tried again. Instead of being melted, it remained the same but the cookie BECAME CHARCOAL BLACK!!!


That was its original colour. As usual, i blamed on Eujin's oven.....

Saturday, May 12, 2007





Friday, May 11, 2007

Leaving soon

My brain is empty with words, but only equations from the subject semi-conduction & superconductor. I have so much to tell yet i couldn't arrange my words properly, this has happened since the start of my last trimester. Since the day i return from Penang, i don't seem to able express my thoughts and feeling in an understanding manner.

I hate it even more when i'm trying so hard to write something here and a bunch of childish monkeys making so much noise outside by the pool side at 12.58am!!!!! I wish i have a tray of eggs now with me, so i can aim right to their pacifying heads.

Some updates on my "busy as a bee" life back here in cyberjaya. I've gone to this interview, from a company call, erm....i think i don't want to reveal the name. It was hot that day, I was having a lil headache yet i drove to Kelana Jaya expected to see a small nice cozy company. To my surprise, the office was like a store room! The front desk at its lower ground which suppose to serve as the customer service counters was filled with boxes and things. I assume they don't have a proper store room.

Never mind.........I walked in.....

Nobody seem to be free to ask me ...."what can i do for you?". So, i walked even inner, trying to reach this girl, i stood infront of her, waiting for her to finish her phone call. When i tried to ask for assistance after she'd put down the phone, she dialed another phone call.

so, fine.......i waited for a couple of minutes, but same thing happen. She treated like as if i'm not there. I practically stood there for more than 10 minutes!!!!!!

but, NEVER MIND...............

when she finally answered me, she asked me to wait at the side while she try to inform person in charge. I waited, sat at the pathetic wooden chair at the corner while being surrounding by boxes and plastic bags. The place was warm, stuffy enough to make me go dizzy and my head went heavier. Another 30 minutes of waiting section.

Then this lady came and brought me to her office. The 1st thing she asked....

" Can u show me your SPM result slip?"...

Confused. I confirmed with her that i'm there for the electronics engineer not any other position that requires SPM qualification. YES, she knew exactly, but still she wants my SPM result slip, and of coz i didn't have it with me. Not to mention on that day, i don't even remember i still having it at home or not.

So, i told it does it matters? whether I did bad or good in my SPM since my highest qualification is B.Degree. And she said YES!

Confused. and i asked....." how ?" she answered......." bcoz my boss said so." Speechless and i shut up.

The interview was nothing technical, the only thing she asked was.......(showed me a electronic board) .." do u know what is this?"....( pointed at the resistors )


After a chit chatting section alike interview, she explained on the job scope. It was more like a technician. something like this, if customer has problem installing the products, we'll send our electronic engineer to explain on the procedures. They don't do manufacturing neither R&D, THEY DISTRIBUTE END PRODUCTS, which come with user manuals. Why on earth they need an electronics engineer with B.Degree to explain on the user manuals?!?!?!!?!?!?

So, i was not impress of coz, nor i like the working environment. In my heart, i've already rejected the offer, can't wait to leave.

I almost fainted when she ask me this.......... " will u accept our offer if i pay u rm1600?"

........"No, to be honest, it's a lil too low. ".......and I left.

What an experience. For a moment, i was super disappointed.

On tuesday, i had lunch with my lecturers, Dr Ong and Mr. Moshen, together with my classmates after our presentation on Semiconductor& Superconductor. We took pictures also, but pictures will be posting later because the line is "tortoising".

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cow lighter

Today i've been at home whole day watching Hong Kong soap opera, then SK suggested we go pasar malam for dinner in Sri Petaling. Lots of food and a lil cow lighter!

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