Friday, January 26, 2007

Last day

Good Bye, Avago Tech!

Yeap, today is my last day of work. So, let me recap on what i've done in the past 13 weeks in Penang

  • Gone hiking in Bt.Ferringhi and got addicted to it
  • Gone hiking in Penang Hill
  • Had BBQ at Bt.Ferringhi beach
  • Gone white water rafting in Keda
  • Had gigantic prawns in Nibong Tebal
  • Cursed more than 5 times a day while driving
  • Woke up at 7am everyday, even weekends
  • Gone out eating a lot with friends
  • Egate became my favourite dining and hang out place
  • Yearned for weekends every week
  • Watched HK, Korean, Taiwanese soap operas day and night
  • Yearned for weekends every week
  • Never washed my car since the 1st day
  • Spent 2 to 3 times more on phone bills
  • Drank Nescafe every morning
  • Away from Jasmine for more than a month
  • Had diarrhea more than 3 times a month
  • Had an egg and a cup of milo every morning (Thanks to my Aunt)
  • Illegally parked my car for 13 weeks outside Avago
  • Received my 1st "summon" from Polis Diraja

So, thats about it. Daddy and Sheena will be arriving in the evening and i can't wait. Off topic, when i was rearranging my wallet, this is what i found

Mommy and i seriously look super alike!

Thursday, January 25, 2007



The presentation finally over!I'm a free bird now, report done! presentation done! everything has done and now waiting to return KL.

Since this is my last week in AVAGO, i've gone out lunch in Kenny Roger's with all the AVAGO's trainees. I've gained weight, yes, obvious..!!! It's penang's fault!!!.................

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QinFeng eating muffin!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

White and Red

White and red, the perfect combination. I love it!!

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Elmomo Mac-ing | Elmomo ipod-ing | Elmomo going to school

It's wednesday

2Days to the end of my 3 month industrial training.......I don't feel like leaving. I've already develop a special bonding with Avago, but, daddy said, love ur job, do not love ur company, because u don't know when ur company will stop loving u. Thats true, i love my job as well as my company, i am an emotional person, i tends to develop commiments to everything.

If u were to ask me, am i ready for a answer will always be yes. I'm ready to commit myself to my own family, i like commitments. Most young people like freedom, but i like commitments and i don't know why. I am a very very homey person, i can't just leave and do whatever i like by not considering the feelings of my family.

I might not think this way if mommy is still around. I tends to pamper and worry for daddy a lot, everything i do, i'll think of him 1st. Maybe i'm afraid he'll be alone, i'm afraid he'll be sad, i'm afraid he'll be unhappy...because the one who had listened to him all the time, the one who had accompanied him and the one who had slept next to him had gone.

Daddy is not as tought as Sheena and I, he might looks tough physically but deep in his heart, he hasn't accept the fact that mommy had gone. He might not cry out loud, but he is crying in his heart everytime he sees mommy's pictures.

and i can't wait for him to come penang on friday, I MISS HIM SO MUCH!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The dinner with 30 mmu trainees

Last Saturday was so boring and tiring, i slept pratically the whole day. Chiawyin's sms woke me up, and there i go, gone to Autocity, Mainland for dinner. I was having headache, thinking i might i need some fresh air.

I didn't expect to hav so many people gathered and had dinner. The number was surprising, Tao Restaurant didn't have enough spaces to accommodate all of us, so we ended up in Soho, just across the road.

I didn't really enjoy my food, had headache and felt llike vomitting. In addition with the smokes and noisy enviroment, i went out few times to gasp some air.

Jessie came penang and we had dinner together, oh, i miss her being noisy in class.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Happy birthday dear Mommy

Happy 50th Birthday my dear Mommy!
Listened to Sarah Mclachlan, WinterSong. I hold my tears, sitting in my office cubicle, i wish there's someone to hug me.
I hate today, i hate i can't buy her birthday gift, i hate i can't see her blowing 50 candles. She had gone for good but she remain dwelling in my heart forever.
Mommy, I love you!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Last saturday in Penang

I had a meeting with my mentor yesterday, we were discussing about my 3 months training in Avago. He was right, 3 months was a lil too short, i was just beginning to warm up and feel comfortable in the office, yet i have to leave in a week time. At the beginning of my training, i can't wait to finish it, now, i'm at the end of it but i wish i could stay longer.

asked, if i am given a chance to work in Avago, will consider coming back? I said, i'm not sure. He also asked, after the 3 months of working as an engineer, will i still consider to become an engineer for good? Friends asked me during the 1st month of my training and my answer was "NO"! ironically, my answer to him was "YES"! because i started to love electronics, started to love what i am doing, started to love the life of an engineer.

have decided to become an engineer since i was form 2, i didn't struggle to choose which faculty before i was enrolled to the university. Until now, i still enjoy my studies.

That aside, i had a miserable morning, I sync some of the videos from my O2 using my company's laptop and converted it to mp4 yesterday, when i was back and try to sync it to my ipod video, the music and the graphic is not synchronize. Geram~!

So, i opened my parallel desktop trying to use windows to sync my o2 to transfer the original video and try to convert all over again (just in case u don't know, i have to purchase the sync software if i wanted to sync my o2 with m mac os). Stupid enough, i accidentally formatted windows when i altred its hard disk memory, now i cant use it because i don't have window xp CD.

Gave up on that, my uncle was using his computer and he shared his music, i tried to copy. Once again ,i am stupid enough, i tried so many ways, and i cant!!!! SOME ONE PLEASE HELP ME, i'm so dumb in those software thingy!

Friday, January 19, 2007


Clap your hands and welcome the new pig, he turns 23 two days ago.

Welcome HanLoon!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I am thinking was mommy's breast cancer was due to her heritage from her family or the amount of so call cancer causing chemical she consumed? But grandpa has been telling me not to dye my hair, daddy has been telling me what food and chemical are cancer causing, usually they'll link them to mommy's. a deadly disease, it took her life with pain and torture. It also mentally tortured the family members by seeing how suffering she was.
Mommy was very brave, she told me she will fight against it, won't give up so easily. But lil did she knows, it can be so painful. It has been 3 and a half years, but everything seem to be still fresh in me, though i've already used to not having her around. On the day she was diagnosed cancer, she told me she'll never leave me. I've learned what is love when i saw mommy was sufferring. U love her, ur heart sore and ache when u see her sufferring and cry when u can't do anything at all.
I always believed, the only way to develop strong bonding between 2 friends is by seeing each other a lot and doing things together. Auntie Jennie and mommy has proven me wrong, over 30 years of friendships by just writing to each other and never met yet thier friendships didn't end there though mommy had gone. I appreciate Auntie Jennie, i heard about her even when i was in mommy's stomach, i saw her pictures even before i was in kindergarden.
OK, enough of the sad sad stories, mommy's birthday is around the corner, and i wish she'll have her biggest birthday cake in Heaven. I love u!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pictures from white water rafting

Has been crazy busy these days, don't have the time to laze around office, drink coffee and update on my blog. Duncan passed me the pictures and videos this morning, i just can't stop laughing, looked at them so many times and still laughing!
The whole album is here.
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The water was freezing cold in the morning!
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All set to go water rafting
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Water confidence, each of everyone had to jump into the water, this is ruyan.
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I guess this should be chiawyin.
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The 1st rapid!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Duncan was about to cry.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
We are taking a break.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The feeling waas better than on a roller coaster.
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why its call white water rafting, because the water looked white.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
U can imagine the butt was exposed to the water, no wonder i had bruises.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Khek : "smell my feet and let u die!"
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ducan attempted to cover me.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I see butterflies, i see birds, i see SUPERMAN!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The beautiful Sungai Sedim.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Tik tok tik tok tik tok tree top walk.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Poor Duncan was afraid of height.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Eating at Bequadro

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Life is great, blogging and having dinner with fine weather, ocean view, great food with funny people. I'm gonna miss Penang.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

White water ratfing

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I wanted to update on my white water rafting in Kedah last weekend, but i havent got the pictures and videos from chiawyin, mean time, i've got this from jeewei.

It was my 1st white water rafting and people around me was kinda worried for me :)
Daddy sent me twice smses asked me to be careful which he seldom do that, SK asked me to takecare and come back in one piece. Some people might be afraid because it sounded scary, yes, to some extent it's kinda dangerous. But for us, as a starter, we've gone for the easier with supervision and guards.

I started playing in the waterfall since before i went to the kindergarden, and started swimming at the age of 8......all credita goes to daddy, he was the one who taught me swimming. SO, when i fell into the water, i kinda enjoy the feeling, freezing and nice!

After the rafting, we had another activity called tubing. It's almost similar with rafting only we use a tube. Each of us has a tube, and most of us has bruises on the butt because of the stone-ly river. When duncan and i collide at a small rapid, he was still nicely sitting on his tube when i was over turned. of course laaaaaa..!!he's 2 times heavier then me!

Before the rafting, we were taught to have water confidence. It more like lessons on how to react if we fall into the water. We had jumped into the water from a very high place, the feeling was great!!!

After the water activities, we'd gone to longest treetopwalk, we had to pay as its not included in the package.Duncan, being biggest size among us was afraid of height and his face was almost to green......HAHAAHHHA!!!

So, the most unexpected about the day trip to rafting was i was late...! We were supposed to meet up at chiawyin's at 7am. I was awaked by my aunt at 8am when jeewei and khek came to my house! I rushed down in 2 minutes without hair combed and forgot my camera. My phone went lowbatt and had off during my sleep, since i'd slept late the night before, i didn't manage to wakeup by myself.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Spider in the LAB

I was away from my own cubicle practically the whole day, i was doing some circuits testing and playing around with the equipments. For once in my entire industrial training, i was serious of what i was doing, to the extent i've missed my lunch time!!!

When i've finished the what i was suppose to do for the day, and guess what i did with the oscilloscope............


Friday, January 05, 2007

The joke from the book.

Duncan should knows this, he read the book before giving it to me.
It goes like this,

There's a professor trying to show alchohol is bad for health. He brought a glass of water and another glass of whiskey to the class. He 1st put an earth worm into the glass of water, it struggled awhile and died. Then he put another earth worm into the whiskey, it died instantly. He asked " Class, what do u see from this experiment?"

Someone stood up and answered " That we won't have worms if we drink whiskey!"

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Police phobia

This happened about a year ago, the 1st time i was stopped by a police when i was on the phone while i was driving.

Me (saw the policeman asked me to pull aside) : Shit....! (i regret saying that) ,daddy, i'll call u back.

Policeman: Do u know u shouldn't be on the phone while u're driving, it's very dangerous...blah blah blah.....I have to issue u a summon....blah blah blah...
me: Yes!yes! i know, i'm so sorry......
Policeman: Give me ur driving licence and ur IC. Are u working or studying?
me: Studying....
Policeman (holding his notebook, writing..) : Where...blah blah blah.
me: MMU .....blah blah blah.....

It was my 1st time, i was freaked out, i was thinking how to tell daddy about my traffic offence ticket.

Policeman: Whats ur phone number?

Me: Do i need to give my phone number for a summon?

Policeman: Of course or else how am i suppose to complete it?

Me : 012-xxxxxxx (sob sobs, i almost cry, was too scare)

Policeman :My name is Ken, if anything happen u can call me, i'm stationed in Sunway police station...

Me: oh...ic ic..ok, thankz!

Policeman: Since this is ur 1st time, i'll let u go and u promise not to do again ok?

Me: Thankz!!!!

Policeman: Where's ur phone? (me showed him my phone) come, key in my phone number 012-xxxxxxx.

He made sure i key in his name and save it. STUPID!

Policeman: Ok, u can go now, and don't do it again ok?

Me: thankz!! BYE.

Few minutes later, he CALLED.......................................i was speechlesss...of course i didn't pick up, was so scare until my arms were shaking. When i reached home,he called again few times, but i didn't pick up either. The story ended there. Then i called dave and told him, the 1st thing he did was LOL, babi dave, said i was stupid enough to trust him that i need to give my phone number for a summon. So, it was my 1st time and it'll never happen again.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back at work- Week 10 in Avago Tech.

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The office was like a mess, everything was in boxes and everyone was busy shifting and unpacking. Yes, my office had a relayout, everyone's places are shifted, which means, i have no idea where will be my place. Came to office this morning and felt homeless, wander around for awhile then i was placed to another cubicle, then i feel secure again. Now i have no idea where is Kaijean, can't find her.
Above are the miniature "bachang" (yes, my hokkien improved, i can at least speak one full sentence) and pau bought from the flea market, made out of polymer clay, VERY CUTE. I think they were a lil over price but nvm, i love it.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I cried

I cried and i felt stupid. I forced myself to stop but i can't help it,my heart felt sore and aching,i wish jasmine is here, and give me courage.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Year 2007

Another has gone and indeed time flies. I'm another year older and i'm so near to my graduation. The day when i 1st arrived MMU Malacca was still fresh in me. Now that i'm half a year away from my graduation, dad is retiring and life would be a lil diff this year.

So, in year 2006,
*Jasmine has came into our family and brought happiness and joy.
*Yeehui has got married and became and women.
*Gone to Korea and suffered major skin problem on my face.
*Got my toe nail removed by a surgeon.
*My 4 year old antic laptop was stolen from car with the side window crashed.
*Got myself a MacBook.
*Gone to Penang, Avago Tech. to do industrial training.
*Dave and HH shifted out from Cyberia a3-3-3a.
*New pet SK came into my life and took my loneliness away.

and on the 1st day of year 2007, they were our best friends,
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We've gone to SeolGarden, Autocity, Butterworth for dinner, then hang around in CoffeeBean until midnight. We headed back to Duncan's right after the pathetic countdown in Autocity. It was packed but people were rather stone and quiet.

HAppy New year!!