Friday, November 09, 2007

Back in KL

I know i havent been updating my entries, I went home last weekend and it was a really fulfilling holiday back home. I miss everyone from home and friends.

Eujin and liwei

Jian, dave and sim

Liwei and hui



I've meet with Duncan, khek, gan, alan and fai. Pictures are with duncan, will upload once i got it.

PS :Duncan, u know what to do...*send it to me!*

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Down time

I always thought i could handle problems like an expert, but when lots of problems bothering me at the same time, i almost collaspe. I finally understand what are true friends for, and praise the lord i have a few whom i could always count on. They're far yet close, I definitely miss them a lot.

Daddy,you are so right, life aint easy when i need to earn my own livings. He has been my forever guardian angel, but i wish he could be with me now.

Mummy,i miss you. (i hate this, i'm blogging from office and i wanted to cry so badly, but i can't!)

things will be better and i know i definitely could cope with it.