Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More pictures on Christmas in office

Greg & Mary

Most Match Couple!
Jon and emmm emm emmmm..."yu fa"

Greg with the bunny


we had carollings



Christmas is about giving and receiving

Its been a quiet Christmas for me this time. I stayed back in Penang knowing it might be a lil boring during Christmas. I have the perception that Christmas aint a real big thing in penang, it goes like..."nah, its just another public holiday, and the malls will filled with people".

Anyway, among all festive seasons, i love Christmas the most. Yes, because i get to make a list, shop for gifts and wrap them. And also of course, i get to receive presents tooooooooo. Here i wish to thank my lovely colleagues for gifts and especially to Hsian.



Tigger has his head popped up right at the moment i remove the lid. Cute isn't it?

I'm really happy with the gifts, its not about how much they worth in price, but how much i like them.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa Claus is coming to town!

I've been really busy with Christmas and i know if i don't put something new in my blog, Duncan will be really dissapointed. Met up with him and sim yesterday for lunch, its good to know they're still as crappy as alway and as lively as i've known them.


Greetings from the office, we had lil christmas party with brownies in the office last week. It can never be more joyful to celebrate christmas with wonderful people in the office.


Friday, November 09, 2007

Back in KL

I know i havent been updating my entries, I went home last weekend and it was a really fulfilling holiday back home. I miss everyone from home and friends.

Eujin and liwei

Jian, dave and sim

Liwei and hui



I've meet with Duncan, khek, gan, alan and fai. Pictures are with duncan, will upload once i got it.

PS :Duncan, u know what to do...*send it to me!*

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Down time

I always thought i could handle problems like an expert, but when lots of problems bothering me at the same time, i almost collaspe. I finally understand what are true friends for, and praise the lord i have a few whom i could always count on. They're far yet close, I definitely miss them a lot.

Daddy,you are so right, life aint easy when i need to earn my own livings. He has been my forever guardian angel, but i wish he could be with me now.

Mummy,i miss you. (i hate this, i'm blogging from office and i wanted to cry so badly, but i can't!)

things will be better and i know i definitely could cope with it.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

From office

It's kindda sad to tell that i am now blogging from office. YES! its saturday and i came for work, even Aivee and SK gone for work today.But what can i say? i'm a fresh grad and i have loads of things to learn.

Its definitely not boring staying in the office during the weekends for hours, because my colleagues are the same, at least i still have someone to "blah blah blah"

I had a shocking news when Sheena called me from home, it went like this....

na: "jie, i tell u hor, u got this letter from a polis station......(and she went reading every single word from the letter in BM)"

me: " huh!? *still damn blur* , means what? (i was multitasking, drawing layouts, looking at schematics and eating my charsiewfan)"

.....after a long explantion....

na : " aiyahh, i also don't know what they really want. i'll type them into email, u see yourself"


i had 2 road accidents since 2005, with that, i've have a total of 16 demerit points, the authorities have all the reasons to "gantung" my driving licience. Unless i send in "surat rayuan" before **/**/07 with copies of the 2 mentioned road accident police report.

My eyes almost popped out, the due date was 2 days before i'd recieved the letter, and i don't know where i've chucked the polis report, it was like...2 years ago1?!?!?!

*steph's brain juice dried up*

BAd things always come altogether, i had stomachache and went to the toilet few times, my project is dueing and i'm still hanging, my ipod's low batt........*sob sobs*

whats more saddening then my colleague left for a better company.....i miss her laughing and crappings..


She's one holding a goodbye card from all of us.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Dumplings for dinner

I don't remember when was the last time i had homemade dumplings, maybe 3 years or more ago when mommy used to make fried lil dumplings as side dish. I love cooking yet i can never have the patience, its either over cooked or under cooked. I made myself a promised, i will live a new life when i decided to shift to Penang. I will learn cooking, learn to control my spending and most of all, learn to live a healthy lifestyle.

We had dumplings for dinner....Aivee cooked la of course! Sk and i helped to wrap them.


We had half of them soup boiled (soup is boiled with dried anchovy, stirred fry with garlics) and the other half pan fried. They turned out to be very tasty.


I am suppose to be on diet, no more heavy dinner. BUT BUT BUT, you tell me how to on diet with Aivee in my house??!?!you u tell me? you tell me? We decided to have dumplings soup behun for dinner, and she can make the whole "LIGHT DINNER" irresistibly heavy.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Paddington House of Pancake

I had a sudden urge for pancakes, we went to Paddington House of Pancake for our super late lunch at Queen's bay. Jen told us there's RM55 buffet for 2 person and we were so excited.

Terms and condition applied for the promotion, food portions were serve smaller than usual and we're not allow to repeat the same orders and certain ice-blended are not included. We had so much until Aivee swear she would not have pancake for the next 6 months, we doubted!


A few pictures of pancakes we had, not all of them, we had more!


We had Baskin Robin an hour later. I can't believe it myself, we had so much for lunch to the extend we decided to skip dinner. I feel like a 4 months pregnant lady.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jasimini bathing

Jasimini : Oh bubbles bubbles, i love bubbles...

jasimini : BLEK!! i shy shy

jasimini : clean and clear, dry and free! please dress me up!!

jasimini : i didn't so like this mushroom robe, its not my style.

jasimini : Mommy, please don't force me, i wont feel happie.

Chokie : It fits me better, i'm so sweet *winks*

Mushroom robe belongs to Chokie.....Jas never likes to wear anything on her, not even collar.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cow plaster

I finally collected my very 1st self owned credit card, from HSBC. To my understanding, there're a lot of discounts especially for restaurants in Penang. I am damn happy, although its card limit not as high, but how much i can use on food? Even if I've over credited my credit card, i doubt i have the ability to pay its bill.

Whatever, I feel the independence in me, the responsibility in taking care of myself, everything, from financially to health. I have come to understand that everything now involves "MONEY" . If u don't have, you see hell.

In world like these, especially for people who live in the jungle of concrete, there's no such things as fairy tales.

SK and I had "chicken" (KFC) for dinner, and i found this cute plasters (YES, ITS PRINTED IN COW), i'm obsessed with it! I forced SK to buy for me, since it;s only RM1.9, he paid eventually.


I'm damn excited and forgot my pain on my fingers, i can't wait to use it. Why do i need to wrap my fingers? Because i didn't clean it properly when its wounded, those small wounds were infected and pas were seen (i still see pas, but better).

ITS painful of course! i can't use my thumb, because its painful. I can't button and unbutton my pants, that's horrible.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

AiVee's Birthday

I went shopping with Sim yesterday at Queen's Bay, but both of us didn't buy much, mood's not right i guess. At night, Jen, Aivee, Sk and I went to Chef&Brew for dinner, its Aivee's birthday.

SK and I

Jennifer and Aivee

We took table pictures, with food.

Salads and oxtail's were served in metal mugs, i feel like i was in prison.

Finale, Jen bought her blackforest, yummilicious.

Chokie : Ready ready, anxious anxious..

Jasimini : Relax....I love the floor!

It's pressieees giving time..!

Since i was home for the weekend, i made her a "StephDesign" birthday card.