Tuesday, October 31, 2006

1st day in the office

My 1st day of industrail training was terrible, not because the people here aint good, or my supervisor aint friendly...but because i suffered from headache.
I have a laptop for myself in the office, but for the 1st day, my username and account hasn't ready yet, i was kicked to the lab using a CRT monitor desktop. Bad enough that the monitor is located high above the table and i practically had to tilt my head. I believe that caused my headache.
It got worse and i had no mood to eat my lunch...later in the afternoon, i felt sick and felt like vomitting. Luckily i have sweets with me. The clock moved so slow and i can't wait for 5.30pm.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Back in action.

I have so many stories to tell, so many things had happened before i've shifted to Penang for industrail training. The prominent inccident was my old antic laptop was robbed from my car the same place , same style my cellphone was robbed last year this time ; broke the car side window and took it.

Not only i have to replace a new one but also i have to fix my car window. I did hide my laptop underneath the seats and i have my shopping bags on top of it. The process was less than 5 minutes, as i was in the bank's ATM.

SK brought me to LowYat and i got myself a MACbook, i love the colour-white. He settled everything for me, the neccesary programs and retrieved all my datas from his coamputer, and e sent me home all the way from sri petaling to sg buloh.....he's a good guy i must say.

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Her wedding......

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She is getting married today, she is my ex roomate.....I can't believe it myself, she's getting married today!
I still remember the times where we skipped our orientation week for shopping, the times we talked to each other for hours before going to bed, the times we were stressed up for exams...now, she's his wife.

Here, i wish her the very best in her coming years and I LOVE YOU!

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Jasmine saying Hi from the bathroom....

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The exam week...

It the exam fever, everyone is busy with thier papers and revision. Yes, i am busy with mine too, but this time it felt quite different. I don't feel stressed up, don't feel nervous, unlike before, exam weeks were usually my worse period of the year.

As being a final year student, taking only 2 subjects in this trimester, I wasn't occupied by my classes or anything else but the crappy FYP (final year project). The most exhausted weeks were the preparation for my FYP presentation and the uncountable lab sessions.

I always have pains and aches, and i get moody. When mom was around, she was my saviour, she always warmed my heart with lil things she did. It took me pretty long to get used to her absence, everytime i'm sick or pain or ache, my heart's sore because i wanted her so badly, i wanted someone like her to be with me. After years of crying, dad got me Jasmine, and i feel blissful. However, i still feel emptiness or lacking of something at times, until Kin came and i feel complete again...

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