Wednesday, July 12, 2006

supposingly !

We went to Museum Shah Alam to see mummified mermaid.

It was a disaster i tell! 1st, we went there at night thinking there'll be lesser people, but no!!!! it was my 1st time queuing to go in a Museum and the queue was not normally short but it was longer than the Great Wall of China!!!!! 2 hours of queuing (unbelievable isn't it?), RM5 of entrance fees, thinking it might be a great experience, but but, we still had to queue when we were inside.

A total of 3 hours, plus 40 minutes drive.........

yes, we get to see weird things which is owned by a Malay Bomoh. The drawbacks are the enviroment and there was not descriptions nor stories was told. We see weird things and we don't know what were those. Not fun at all!

THE WORSE PART WAS.......the cheong sam ghost!!

hahaahhaa...!!they dressed a doll and cut her head and they called it cheong sam ghost....i never ever heard of cheong sam ghost in my whole entire life.

To spice up a lil, we went club 7 to play pool then to murni...i started to love those food serve in murni, cheap and super nice!

too bad no pictures were taken, 1stly, stupiak o2 cannot capture clear images at night, 2ndly, no pictures were allow in the museum, 3rdly, i have no camera with me.


Anonymous said...

luckily i didn't go.

guess who am i.

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