Sunday, July 30, 2006

wisdom tooth-less

My wisdom tooth was giving me trouble to consume food. I went to the dentist on saturday together with super daddy, waited for 10 minutes and after around half an hour, my tooth was removed.

I started to hate anesthetic, my toe has yet fully recover and now i had another injections of local anesthetic. It was painful ok!!!!...

The doctor was quite fast, he checked my tooth, took x-ray, extracted the tooth,did stitches (yes, i have 4 stitches in my gums now) and it cost me RM500.

I has been eating only porridge since the day i'm wisdom tooth-less. The medicines makes me dizzy and i has been sleeping the whole day.Maybe becoz i hardly consume drugs, and whenever i eat medicines, i'll be sleeping.

I'm suppose to be studying for my midterms over the weekends,yes, my notes was on the table but i wasn't there. Funny part, as i slept, jas followed.

I'm feeling so cough hasn't recover, and i have cacated toe and now i can't eat hard food.

Today is Mr. Jian Wen's 22th birthday.......HAPPY BUTTTTDAY my lil buddy!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

y today is a bad day to me.

1. I am tired becoz i didn't sleep well yesterday as i woke up in the middle of the night due to coughing.
2.I went to the MMU clinic but it was closed for lunch time (a clinic, lunch time?FUNNY).Then eu jin kindly donated his unopen cough syrup to me, muaks to eujin.

3.My wisdom tooth is very painful until the the extend that my jaw is swollen. It was so painful in the afternoon that i had to sleep to ease my pain. I have this to reduce my swollen jaw so i won't be scaring others with my uneven jaw. (Only one side of my jaw is swollen)

4.I had a cut on my thigh, and it has blueblack around it. IT's getting more painful and the patch is getting bigger.

5. I tripped and fell on my knee on Jasmine's pee in the kitchen. Now my knee has another blueblack and it's painful as i walk.

6. I have 3 huge pimples on my face, it's red and big and warm and pain of coz!.. what happened to me! so, i make origami to make myself happier and to occupy my time to avoid thinking the pain's i have.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Yes, i'm kinda moody today. MY wisdom tooth is killing me, it has been painful weeks ago but today was very painful that i practically swallowed my food without chewing them.

My cough has got worse and i coughed myself awake almost everynight, it was terrible becoz as i wake up, i woke lil jasmine too. My taste bud is getting less sensitive, that means food is less delicious in addition to my painful wisdom tooth, i don't feel like eating.

Becoz i didn't sleep well lately, i was tired and the weather was hot today. I feel like sleeping but yet too hot to be in bed.I was so down that i skipped my morning lecture class and afternoon tutorial and worse thing is, i didn't feel guilty at all.

As i go home, i saw jasmine and she'd put a smile on my face.

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Jasmine sleeps a lot and she likes to sleep with her toys around her.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is when she's very naughty and not listening, i'll put her on high and she will sit still and not move at all,cute lil doggie.

Jasmine has grew bigger again, and she's getting stronger.

Monday, July 24, 2006

When i don't have, i wanted.

When i have, i never appreciate.

And i cry when it's gone.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the big boy big day!

Today was rather boring at home, weather was burning hot, thinking it might be another boring day...but Eujin came up and asked to join Duncan's 22th birthday celebration in Water Lily, Puchong.

I'll definitely go...becoz Duncan is my classmate+friend+projectmate+beanbag, he finally grown up and celebrated his 22th birthday with dinner with his friends and a football fieldcake from King's and 60 eggs and 2 bag of flour and cream in his ear...........he was VERY dirty but happy (becoz he was laughing when we egg-ed and flour-ed him)

Later at night, while waiting for Duncan to clean up so we could go yamcha, for the 1st time, i sneaked into guy's and fun becoz for the 4 years i'm in MMU , i never been into guy;s hostel room.

Today was really really fun...although i was coughing really badly...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I have been the biggest prawn head ever.

I havent been updating my blog since last week..lazy + busy.

Super daddie and i picked up super Sheena in the airport last sunday. She went with one and a half bag and came home with4 bags...and its not 4 small bags...its 4 damn big bags!!!i wonder she must had shopped till she can't find her way back home.

My favourite moment is to dig the luggages. Super Jasmine and i were the one bz digging her bags while she went home and started sleeping...

Speaking about the last 2 weeks, yes i know..its sales time and i'm suppose to be wondering around the malls. i miss the shopping feeling, the feeling of satisfaction. I wish i can shop like nobody business!!!!!!

Super Sheena is always my best shoppingmate, now that she's home, i'll be shopping like there's no tomorrow!!!..happie..mean while, everytime i think about my FYP (final year project),down-ness within me............i'm progressing so slow and i'm afriad!

I'll post some pictures of super sheena taken in Aussie some days later..

About the prawn head thingy...i went to the wrong lab session becoz i read the wrong schedule...and i am not the only jin (lai) is in my!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

supposingly !

We went to Museum Shah Alam to see mummified mermaid.

It was a disaster i tell! 1st, we went there at night thinking there'll be lesser people, but no!!!! it was my 1st time queuing to go in a Museum and the queue was not normally short but it was longer than the Great Wall of China!!!!! 2 hours of queuing (unbelievable isn't it?), RM5 of entrance fees, thinking it might be a great experience, but but, we still had to queue when we were inside.

A total of 3 hours, plus 40 minutes drive.........

yes, we get to see weird things which is owned by a Malay Bomoh. The drawbacks are the enviroment and there was not descriptions nor stories was told. We see weird things and we don't know what were those. Not fun at all!

THE WORSE PART WAS.......the cheong sam ghost!!

hahaahhaa...!!they dressed a doll and cut her head and they called it cheong sam ghost....i never ever heard of cheong sam ghost in my whole entire life.

To spice up a lil, we went club 7 to play pool then to murni...i started to love those food serve in murni, cheap and super nice!

too bad no pictures were taken, 1stly, stupiak o2 cannot capture clear images at night, 2ndly, no pictures were allow in the museum, 3rdly, i have no camera with me.

Friday, July 07, 2006

missing her.

Sheena has gone to Aussie for only a week and i've already missing her so much. Sisters are always the best-est friends, because we never tend to hide anything. I am me when i'm with her. I've known her since the day she was born and she's my longest best friend!can't wait for her to return home next week.

some updates on Jasmine, she've learned to fetch her Tazmania toy. clap clap for her! But she gets tired very fast after a few rounds of Tazmania fetching, still a baby indeed!

In loving memory of Skeleton, good bye! gosh, Skeleton died last weekend and i didn't want to tell becoz i still can feel his companion. He'd been sick during the holidays yet we can't do anything about it. He struggled and finally gave up, i understand it was painful!

loving u always ,Skeleton.

ps: just in case u don't know, Skeleton is my fish. Sim flushed her down the toilet bowl!

The difference.

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Look at how a person's hairstyle and dressing could make such a vast difference. He is killing me for this! :D

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Day out with the guys.

Ken yi was in my house the other day to pay a visit to Jasmine.

Me: Wanna go shopping?
ken yi: u serious? yes, i wanted to buy few things!

5.32pm (phone call)
kenyi:wanna go shopping with steph and hui?
chua: okok!coming in awhile.

5.50pm (phone call)
hui : are we going shopping later?u coming to fetch me or i go home 1st?
me: i'm half ready only, u come home 1st,ok?

ken yi: which way to use?Federal highway or the OUG way?
me:Federal Highway sure jam, use the alternative way la..
kenyi: i don't think it'll jam.
me:up to u la..but don't blame me if we're stuck in the jam.

7.00pm's so f**king jam!!
me,hui,chua :MUHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!see, told ya~!

reached mid valley at around 7.30pm and kenyi was too nervous he has not enough time to do shopping and decided to have dinner later.

Sales is everywhere but the mood is just not there. anyhow, we had a great time chatting and laughing in Kim Gary.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
That was my dinner, chua told me wasn't spicy at all. It was huge and spicy!!i had 2 drinks for that yet i couldn't finish. I took more than an hour to half finish that giant bowl of noodle!Never try if u don't have a big stomach!

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That was Kenyi and the ice-blended vitagen.It a designer's chair, i love it but it costs RM6000!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A picture of jasmine taken by dave, cute isn't it! the cutest thing was she knows how to look at the camera and pose.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I am never a MMU student!!

I am never a mmu student.....because i never follow the stupiak rules!!

I never want to be mmu student and will never tell anybody i am a mmu student from today onwards!

I once thought mmu WAS different, thought it's a private university and we could be OURSELVES~! but NOOOOOOOO..!!i had to follow thier fucking HOT, TUPIT dresscode!!~looked at the fucking black faces from the managements...!! (thats because they r literary black and stupid )

and please...HIRE someone smarter to be security officer rather than someone that can't even speak proper english and has countable hair and kept asking me to go see the PRESIDENT for because I AM ONLY WEARING A SHORT SKIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (he has no brain, i understand, thats y he ended up in MMU)

MMU rules are GENDER DISCRIMINATIONS, becoz they said only girls are allow for long hair and pricing and dye...but guys, they are not allow...WHICH GOD TOLD THEM THAT GUYS ARE SUPPOSE TO BE ONLY IN SHORT HAIR?!?!!?!?...because guys are in short hair since generations ago, but it doesn't meant that u have long hair and u're not a guy!~!......don't tell me a girl is considers a guy if she has short hair! if girls are not consider a guy if she has short hair, why a guy cannot has long hair?!

MMU is like MALAYSIA, they never grow up, never learn and never accept anyone's opinions.

HE said i never learn from my 1st lesson, but heck!...because i don't think i'm wrong for wearing a skirt! why should i learn where i'm not wrong!!!

all in all...MMU SHOULD DIE ASAP!so i'll have peace.....

call me rude, but i've tried talking properly to the head of security, what i've got?he'd treated me like i'm still a young kid, never listen!in all, he told me it was not his problem of me not knowing the creepy weak rules of MMU. but i pity him for he has to be here for many coming years where i'll be leaving this stupiak campus in one more year!...all the best to him and may him to more skinny!

Monday, July 03, 2006

In jasmine, i've learn that dogs are like human being, they cry, snore, sneeze, and hiccups..I didn't know dog's hiccups is so cute.