Saturday, May 27, 2006

When i was rushing to campus in the morning with indescribable joy in me as it was my last paper !!!...and God knows what happened to me as i accidentally kicked the damn bed....and there go....half of my toe nail came off and it was bleeding furiously. It didn't came off completely, it was dangling and it couldn't stop bleeding..I looked up and down the house for plaster just to temporary stop the bleeding as i was already late for exam~!In great pain, i finished the paper badly, my brain didn't seem to function well.. However, it wasn't the worst thing, i came home told Sheena about it, thinking i could just use the dettol to clean the harden blood and let it recover by it self with time. But it went worse as i could see pus in my nail, i got panic and Sheena sent me to the medical centre nearby and the doctor got my nail pulled out..........i have a nail-less toe now!

It's painful because th
e nail was pulled off intentionally, it wasn't pain during the surgery but the injection of local anaesthetic was really painful!!

So, the saddest thing about this injury wasn't the pain but i can't get myself into the sea water .....i am leaving for Lang Tengah on sunday........HELPPPP~~!

Elmy gave a hug to my toe.....:p!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

gOOD friends SUNDAY!

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Daggoboo under the "lime light" with "mouse" watching him from the top..
alright,u can imagine how bored i am with my notes.......can't wait for exams to finish and go HOME!

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Doggaboo is dead now together with steph.......MUHAHHAA!!!

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Both Patrick and Doggaboo are good friends just like Hui and I.Its good friends SUNDAY

Saturday, May 20, 2006


It's another SATURDAY morning without breakfast with DADDY and SHEENA.........!!!i'm stucked in cyberjaya conquering the MOST scary papers on earth......EXAMS!!

almost there!

I've just finished my 4th paper this morning. It's such a torture with not having enough sleep....i slept only 2 hours yesterday ...adding the effect accumulated from the day eyes almost fell off and swollen!I need loads of HUGZZ!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Artistic dolls.

If u're MMU student,and u're reading this...PLEASE don't read anymore, go back to ur notes and books.....!!ITS exam weeks...haha..alright,its lame...!

Those miniature babies are made out of polymer clay,and i love's too perfect. Being a crafty person, i often spend on things which some might think its impractical. These babies are up for sale online,i wanted one...but its too expensive! Its price range from USD$90 to USD $3000.

If anyone of u....thinks u have too much cash in ur wallet, spare some for me to get one of those!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Updates on steph during exam weeks....
Woke up in the morning ,i have no idea what makes me dig my exam slips from my messy notes........AND GUESS WHAT????

I read my exam schedule wrongly..!!

Its suppose to be Digital Integrated Circuits paper on thursday but i've read it as Fabrication.WORST case, i've spent all my time preparing for Fabrication yet havent started any revision on Digital IC.....I'm so

I have 4 papers in a roll starting from tomorrow and......................I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR DIGITAL IC...and surprisingly i still have the time to print lil note to remind myself i'm dying........*winks*

Sunday, May 14, 2006

OFF topic for the day. While getting so bored with my notes, i accidentally found that Pikjian aka piko blogs!....and there's a post where i would like to share because it's funny!

Chin Seng's funny habit.....sweat when he eats "asam".

14th of May

MOTHER'S day!!....i used to love mother's day and father's day, because i can spend all my time getting prezzie for my parents. When mommy is still around, we would put on our best dress and dine out together, the place might not be as grand,the food might not be as delicious, but dinning with her was the best moment ever, because its her that had made it great!

My mommy "is" the most beautiful woman i've ever known because she had a beautiful heart, because she had given me the most beautiful thing on earth----->my life.

She once told me life is fragile, yes indeed, her life was fragile but her soul was strong. And i believe she always wanted her lil girl to be as strong as her.But how could i not cry when i thought of the very 1st colour pencils u bought for me, the 1st time u held my arms and taught me to walk, the 1st time u cried because i was naughty......*sob sob*
So, in conjunction with Mother's day, i've adopted 2 virtual pets and became a mom!...on ur right, Beesy the grey puppy and Belinda the pink tiger...(since i can't have a real puppy now)

I'm so desperate for a pug now.....
and i'm so in love with St, bernard, maybe St. Bernard is a lil not practical in Malaysia, but i did see people walking St. Bernard in my neighbourhood. In case u didnt know, St bernard is a XL dog and Pug is a S size dog. so if i hav both of them,i'll make Pug sit on St Bernard when i walk them in the park, great isn't it?.....*steph is dreaming again*

Saturday, May 13, 2006

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The red stuffed dog serves to clean my desk...and his name is doggaboo.
1.doggaboo at swim
2.squeezed dry
3.hang dry
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i must blog about him becoz he's toooo cute!I got his pic all the way from singapore through mms in the middle of the night to greet me good night,hahahaaha!!no wonder i had sweet dreams last night, must be casper. OH...his name is casper!

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Since I'm crazy over pets, hence i do have lots of friends whom love thier pets as much as they love thier family, those are some of it,i have more!I'm dying to have pets but...i just can't *sob sob*

Monday, May 08, 2006


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i hereby announce Steph is officially tune into exam mode.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


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Morning was pretty cloudy here at home. As usual, daddy went to the gym and i was at home....doing laundries *sob sob*

Anyway, when sheena returned home from Serendah later in the afternoon, the weather is killing hot then. So, daddy decided to have cendol and rojak.

Off we the roadside rojak stall......

Came to realised,i havent had cendol for years..since mom fell sick, because she loved cendol.Recalling she often bought me to the rojak stall by the roadside near my highschool.

Mother's day is around the corner and i hate it!

ps: why there's shrimp paste?....and i found a giant dead ant!

Friday, May 05, 2006

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Its boring friday, the house is so quiet without Dave around...he went for ROBOCON in PWTC early morning, others went home already...

It's the cactus i bought in Cameron Highlands last year, what happened to it?!?!!? has collapsed and dying soon.....

daddy was laughing at me that i'm so lousy in plants....such tough plant could eventually died under the care of mine.Whatever plants i bought, it'll eventually died off.......well, this time at least it has last the longest..LOL!
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His name is Gary and he is soooo cute!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

charging station in TESCO

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Did some groceries shopping in TESCO with daddy, sheena and my lil cousin sister,Veronica, during the weekend and i noticed this blue machine ... glanced at it and never bother to see properly until Veron asked me about the hanging wires. Then i've realised it was a cellphone charging station..!!!

AMazing,i tried on my phone, it works. Just choose a suitable port for ur cellphone, then plug in and its charging..!!...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Its DARLING hui's birthday!

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So, everyone, presenting u HUI's prettiest faces. It has shown how flexible her face can be.....hahaaha!!

In year 1984, a noisy and kepo baby was borned in Seremban, whom now has become my roomate, my very 1st friend in MMU, also will be my future roomate...(OMG, i'm being too excited that we'll be sharing the whole masterbedroom only 2 of us..imagine the no. of mirrors we could put in, and u no longer can hear me whenever i'm awake or asleep, becoz i will not be sleeping above u ANYMORE. )

Back to the story, now....the noisy and kepo baby has grown to a beautiful girl,but her noisiness and kepo-ness remains.......

On her brithday, which is TODAY, 3rd of May......she is busy doing assignment in the library....becoz its due today...hahahaa!!!

OK...we celebrated for her yesterday in The wasn't bad, the place was fantastic. Then we headed to the Starbuck next door and i bought a cake from Secret Recipe just few shops next to Starbuck thinking she could blow her candles right at 12 am........

then...................ALAMANDA STARBUCK closes at 10pm...(HUH??..can u believe that?)

So we headed home and she still got to blow her cake right at 12 am...!

Lots of pictures coming soon........waiting for Dave's

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Happy Birthday KY....

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Its her birthday today, celebrating her **th birthday (her age will remain as a secret,haha!).
Wishing her all the best in her future job and with wonderful years ahead!

Meanwhile, coming back to my side of story. I had a "shopping" weekend.........I went shopping with HUI on thursday in 1Utama.....

Often, when only both of us are out, no matter what we or makan-ing,it'll always be the funniest moment ever. This time,we shopped till we broke literary.We were jokingly telling each other that we'll shop till we left RM6 for the parking (assuming it's only RM6 max). Then later at night, at the auto pay machine, when we put in out ticket..........we saw this!!
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Our eyes were as big as the baseballs, then luckily i had another RM 6 in my purse. So, eventually, HUI'S purse is empty and i left RM1. Though we'd paid the parking, but we've forgotten our toll fees.........and we started searching for eventually we managed to get home and laughing all the way in the car.
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We were broke, but we were happy...!

On Saturday night, dad, sheena and i gone to The curve for dinner and "Coffee Bean"-ed before we left. Did a lil shopping in Bothers (a new bookstore at the curve),kekeke!!..then i saw this book, what would the 4 letter words be?..i flipped the book, the **** is also printed as ****, i don't get it.
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Knowing there's sales in Isetan from Liwei, i couldn't resist!!!, Sheena and i went to KLCC. She, got herself a pair Enzo Angiolini which is expensive.................woooooooooooooo....and i got myself a bag...note:both are green in colour...guess green is the colour of the day!
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Shopping make me one happy girl.....!