Saturday, February 25, 2006


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I had a wonderful bitrthday this year..ermmm...alright,i always had wonderful birthday every year,thankz to all my friends!!..It is them that has always made me feel like i'm the luckiest person in the world.

I had received unexpected pressies and birthday cakes..(peeps..!the cake was really a big surprise to me..!)besides that, i had also received greeting calls and smses from so many people which has also contributed the happiness i had on my birthday.

My camera is broken due to unknown reason, i didn't mange to take much pictures this year, but i do have some pictures taken by my friends,i'll try to get from them and then upload it as soon as possible.

more updates on my brithday.

ps :A million thankz to my mom , whom had brought me to this wonderful world on 23th Feb 1984.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


happy birthday to me...
happy birthday to me...
happy birth-day to me.......
happy bithday to me!


Well, well, those who know me, I just had my 21st birthday. Woohoo, BIG DEAL!! hehe..
as least to me. And I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone who make my birthday the greatest of all, especially my cutie pie..ehehe..

Okie, let me spill out the story:

It all started with a surprise celebration by my KDU friends at Friday's early this month. I was totally flattered and touched. It was actually a farewell dinner for those who're leaving to Australia but it ended up as my Big-day dinner.Aww.. thanks guys!

Then, on the actual day (btw, my b'day's 19 Feb)...Edvin came to pick me up for dinner.U see, we girls always procrastinate, so when he arrived, I wasn't ready yet (gotta look gorgeous on my B-day, =P). I ran down and let him in, then went upstairs to finish up my makeup. When I'm done, he asked a favour from me. He told me to take his boots out from the car but(don't really konw the exact word)...

Here comes the highlight, I saw 3 stalks of BLUE roses inside!! I was so excited and of course TOUCHED. hmm...I can do some explanation here: He made it clear to me that buying flowers is a total waste of money, he'd rather spend it on good food. Though I agreed, but lets just face the fact, which girl on earth doesn't like to be pampered with bouquets of flowers??

And this time, it's blue!! I'd always wanted something extraordinary..I think I told him gaziliion-th times that i find blue roses extremely attractive, hehe..(a bit muka tembok la). I was also touched by his effort and 'old-fashioned' appraoch in presenting these rare roses. He claimed it took him a great deal to find them,ahahaa...

After a small but sweet cake-cutting ceremony, we left for dinner.Before we leave, we took some cheeky pictures, they're to be uploaded in due patient..(hmm, must remind my big-prawn-headed cheh cheh).

The place we had our dinner was nice and exotic I would say. The name of the restaurant is Tamarind Spring, recommended by a mutual friend of ours and we did some reserach on the net too..The food was good but the portions were quite small. Romantic ambience.ehehe...All good.

Okie, thats about it...

from Honey Bun

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

With the arrival of EuJin's new electronics toy, i've realised my laptop has been aging. Its an antic laptop instead, anyway,it's still serving me well, no troubles only a lil slow at times. Anyways, both mine and liwei's laptop are in the same age which hence our keyboards has encountered the same disaster---->look at the pictures- a missing buttons
liwei's---missing SHIFT
mine----missing B
And we're still surviving without the buttons,
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Friday, February 17, 2006

Dave forwarded these to my email inbox, which i find them pretty amazing!

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NOt in the rain.

I got myself soak wet right after class. The weather was burning hot when Hui and I left home for class in the afternoon, the class was sealed i suppose or the lecturer was speaking too loud that we didn't hear the rain was pouring heavily outside.

We were hesitating, to go or not to go as my car had parked pretty far from the class and there's no shelter all the way. We were praying that the rain would be smaller a lil while later.15 minutes had passed and instead of getting smaller it's got heavier.

Without any choice, we decided to run in the rain. As i ran, my sandals kept falling off,i was kinda frustrated and therefore i took it off and ran towards my car with the sandals on my hand.HUI was laughing away infront!...well, she's not much better than me, her shoes was soak wet like as if she's wearing 2 tiny pails of water...hahaha!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

lil monster

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He's a tiny monster,sometimes can be super naughty, yet when he knows u're not happy,he has his ways to cheer u up. Well, meet my cute cousin brother who is living just next to my house. I've seen him growing up from a fat lil baby to a PS (playstation ) king. His life is about playing games,any games will do but not outdoors activities, hence his belly is so much bigger than mine!!...

Somthing worth mentioning is that he's such a sweet talker, no wonder everyone love him so much. But kids are kids, when he's in bad mood, no one can go near him, not even his grandpa,hahaha!!

I gave my blogspot username and password to my sister the other day ,suggested maybe she could drop a couple of posts occasionally, and there u go, below is her 1st post.....WELCOME to blogspot, honey bun!


Yesterday was valentine's day, it's not a day for Lovers, its a day for Love......
That was what my colleague told me, n i got this from her:

share a little love to everyone,
a sweet of smile,
a dab of hello,
a sparkling wink,
a chuckling laugh.
But most of all, a good hug or a pat on the back wouldn't hurt... =) "

Last nite, i went to Kalvin's (pauline's bf) house with vin. He's actually leaving to aussie this sat, so we tot we could pay him a visit n most of all, to make sure he brings along some memorable moments..haha
Neway, pauline (my best-est fren) was there too..we chatted, drank fruit punch (made by Kalvin, not bad at all :p) and watched mr. Bean!!
Nth happening, but the ambience was very warm n comfortable n cosy. i like that; in addition, i did not spend a penny.

Sometimes, we pamper ourselves a little with luxuries; sometimes, a good laugh n fine company do not cost alot, in fact, they're priceless. i like the way things went on last nite, the friendship between 4 of us is greatly enhanced.

im sure i'll organised more of these gatherings and its also a suggestion to all of those out there who appreciates freindships, trust me, its worth it!

All in all, i had a great v'day this year, thanks guys!!

sheena (honey bun)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Chicken or bird

I was deeply amuse on this chicken..(or a bird?) was being cooked in a small lil pot (the pot was really really mall). The dish was called "ginseng chicken soup ", we found everything but its head, wasnt its head in the picture,it was a'll look awful without its head.
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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I was in my bed while i suddenly thought of him,Mr.H. He's not any of my ex-bfs, he's a best friend of mine whom have had given the biggest influence to me among all my friends.

I'm not sure why he's such a big influence to me, i never notice it until recently when i think of him a lot. Maybe we weren't that close as we used to be, as we both are busy with our school work. I've known him since i was in form 3, he guided me throught PMR,SPM examinations, given advises on my courtships , be with me during all my break-ups with my bf.

Amazingly, whenever i'm sad, his words cure better than anything in the world. The way he thinks is a lil different from others, he often look at things in a different angle, always on the possitive side. To be frank, everytime i have a problem, he'll tell me that things gonna be alright soon, and that simply yet comforting line makes me feel so much better.

He helped so much that i couldn't recall how much "thank you" i've owed him.He thought me not only my homework but the meaning of life, and to appreciate everything i have or have had.

We aint close friends in reallife, but he is the best-est friend i ever met in the internet. We are online friends, never really meet each other but only HI-BYE whenver we see each other.I am now studying in MMU was partly becoz of him, how?i'm not sure how, but i know if its not becoz of him, i would have ended up in some college.

We used to chat so much few years back, we chatted everything under the sun. I miss those days but well, life goes on, i understand he's bz with his school work and i'm don't chat so much online like i used to do. However, deep in my heart, he is still the best friend i can ever met.

Take care my friend.