Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I was very tired last friday,extraodinary tired.I believe its because i slept very late the day before, and my 2 hours boring mathematic class could almost bring me to death end.Anyhow,i struggled to drive home in the evening,hoping i'll never be like the other day where i'd had an car accident due to sleepiness.

Once i reached home,i saw a weird object moving in my car porch, the version wasn't clear as i didn't wear my specs addition with my tired eyes.As i parked my car, it was a puppy and immediately i was awaken from my "half dream world".It wasn't as cute as those selling in the pet shop,wasn't as cubby as all puppies should be,but something had told me that,HE WAS CUTE!at least to me she was.

She was playing with sheena's flipflop,I then took the flipflop away from her before she destroyed it. She started to run around me,seeing her, i couldn't resist playing with her.I then gave her a rubber ball as i unload my bags from my car.

I played with her a lil while, but i was too tired. Sheena love her so much and she start thinking ways to convince dad to keep her.But i said it was impossible,all 3 of us has no time for pets now.I tried to get her out of my car porch with food,but it'd seem that she wasn't hungry,later i'd realised she wanted someone to play with her.

After sometime, both sheena and i had gone into the house and she sat infron of the door, perhaps she was waiting for us to play with her?However, she fell asleep.

Dad came back at 10pm and she was still sleeping!After we came home from supper,she was gone.Now,i'm missing her,what happened to me?Is there some kind of bonding between me and the puppy?I love pets,i love them like crazy,but i know i have to be rational.
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Monday, November 28, 2005


I am so so so happy for my friends,both my highschool pal has decided to settle down and get married.Their wedding was super grand,and it was the best wedding dinner i ever had.

Instead of going to friends' brithday party,i am now going to friends' wedding dinner.Time flies,sooner or later,all of us will have our own children.Then we'll start going to friends' children's birthday party,then friends' children's wedding....then....we'll all retired...prepare to step into the final stage of life.Fast isn't it.I'll miss my friends,my family and the world on the day i die.
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Friday, November 25, 2005

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Finally, it wasn't raining this evening.I was pretty lucky,today was my 1st tennis lesson and it didn't rain!!!...Instead,it's windy and not warm at all.

Tennis is fun,I'm addicted to it already.But the scoring system complicated,hopefully i could understand and remember it all.All the best to me ya..

Sim,Jeewei,Hui and I went for the tennis lesson,obviously, Hui and i are the beginners. Thank goodness that Sim and Jeewei was there to help and teach us.Else we would be like small babies learning how to walk.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

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The pictures were taken from Dave's phone and has sent to me via bluetooth.I can't stop laughing, thier countenance fits the templates so well.HAHAHA!!..They are just so cute, it kinda irresistible not to show the world..hahaha..!!!If they intend to sue me,i guess bananas and carrots will solve everything.----(hahahaha,i'm still laughing my way off)
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I got myself a study lamp from IKEA the other day.Just a couple of minutes ago,i put my lil red doggy on it (like the picture).I left it that way and gone into the bathroom,the next thing i knew once i got out from the bathroom was the burning smell.Guess what?!?!!.....the lamp is so warm that it actually burned the red doggy . It has burned his "heart" (the place where the heart was located).

Friday, November 11, 2005

Once in my life.

I got my 1st paycheck yesterday since 20 years of my life.I had worked for 20 days and i enjoyed working there,nice people,nice enviroment.

And now,i have to get back to my usual school routine....going classes,getting into labs...and exams.

Anyhow,if u want me to choose between studying and working,i can be very sure that i still LOVE studying more than working.I thought study pressure was great enough ,but now i'd noticed that working pressure is even worse.

Sheena and i decided to get daddy a new phone.He has 2 numbers but only 1 phone,he often switches his sim cards.I presuaded him to get another phone,but he don't seem to be interested.I knew he was very happy when we presented it to him,but as usual,he gave only a smile.HAHAHA!However,i'm very happy just to see that smile.