Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Tomorrow is the day,the day where i'll get my 1st paycheck,my 1st job.I can't believe that!!I never plan to work for this holiday, this came out of the blue where my friend asked whether i'm interested to work as partimer.

Since i've got nothing to do, i thought, there's no harm going for the interview. i was thinking if i couldn't get the job,at least somehow i'll gain a lil experience one how's interviews like.

I got called from them today, asking me to working tomorrow.Since the pay is pretty good,so i thought i might earn some extra money to buy some accessories for my phone.

so,wish me luck!

my new phone

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Has been playing with my new phone lately,guess i'm just too dumb,i didn't know how to send smses for the few days,also didn't know how to synchronise with my pc.Thankx to my dear friend, he taught me everything!!thought i'm still not yet familiar with the phone yet, but at least i've learned to call,sms and synchronise with my laptop,hahahahaaha!!

The pictures above is taken from my phone,the quality is not as good as my digi cam,.. DUHH!!of course its not as good its only 1.3 MegaPixel where my digi cam is 4 Megapixel.Anyhow, its pretty good compare with my old phone (the one that had stolen.)

Well, i'm pretty excited with my new phone now...!!Thank you daddy for the gift...!muaks!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Just so FUN!

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Sheena and i promised my cousin brother to celebrate his belated birthday. As we planned, we met in The Curve and gone into Sakae Sushi.The place is so fun where we ordered throught the computer.There's one computer on each table.The dinner was fun.

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Then we headed to Serdang Halo cafe with his girl friend along. This cousin of mine, we used to play together since very young. Those sweet days, i'll never forget,hahahaahaha!!I can still remember those days where all of us had no worries, though we're living in different places, but all my cousins and i would meet up in my grandma's place during holidays, then we played from day to night. Now that all of us have grown up, everyone is studying in different places, but still, we will try our best to hangout together like we used to be.

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I got this cute lil cow in KLCC, i saw it and couldn't resist buying it.Unlike normal toy,its very very soft and very nice to cuddle.I can flatten it,pull it, twist it,turn it.Sheena practically stole it and i have to stole it back when she's asleep just to get the pictures.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

KLCC Aquaria

I read the paper months ago about this brand new underwaterworld,KLCC Aquaria.I was told they have hammer head sharks.As usual,i was pretty excited and longing to pay a visit. My friends and I had planned about the trip long before our exams. But i was kinda dissapointed yesterday, no hammer head sharks seen, neither any exotic marine lifes. Anyhow, the interior was good.

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There's a tree trunk in the tube which is of fishes,i love this the most!

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That was a REAL starfish,i can't believe that i'm actually playing a real starfish.

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Finally got married!

I am so happy for my cousin..he finally found his 1st and only love and was married yesterday.He was very happy i can see that, but on the other hand, my the other cousin brother is preparing for his divorce. Everytime i looked at him,i can see the "well,i'm all alone now" ,and i felt heartache for that. Here's some moements which i treasure a lot.

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I love the place, and also how they arranged the neon lamps.

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Oh that poor lil fishy.....My cousin sister, time flies, i still remember the day when she was borned.

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I was kinda rush that day, as i had to be back in Cyberjaya right after that as i had my paper the following day. But then ,mingling around with my elder cousins and lil cousins is the best time i can ever have.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Little red doggy.

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This lil red doggy has been here with since i shifted to Cyberjaya.Does anyone knows that dogs are very loyal?HAHAHa,even toys doggy!!..he's been serving me for years as a desk cleaner,hahaa!!Alright........i'm crapping..too boring doing my revision...