Friday, September 30, 2005

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A total of 4 papers in my finals. 3 down and 1 more to go, my last paper will be in next week. I am stuck here in cyberjaya over another weekend again,i study everyday,everynight,i even dreamt of it when i'm asleep.Life is so not nice during exam period, but sometimes i do find joy making origami, but i regret that i left my 1st origami book at home!above is my 1st origami.....i knoww...

its ugly and i bet u don't know what it was...AT LEAST,i spent much effect making it,it wasn't easy for 1st timer like me. My 1st origami was dedicated to my dad becoz his 1st guess was correct,haha!But i suppose it'd gone to Sheena's bookshelf.

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I miss my room so much,miss my home more than anything.Due to exams,im here stucked in Cyberjaya for more than 2 weeks already,few more days to go.I just can't wait for the exams to end!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Flip n Fold!

There's a amazing gadget in the market called Flip n Fold,it helps to tidy up a messy unfold closet or wardrobe.You just need to "flip" and then your shirts are folded!Amazing huh?...a very simply design yet handy!

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I love it so much,people who had seen my wardrobe,should know why.But its not available in malaysia. i wonder why malaysia doesn't have cool gadget like this.
If i were to order,i'll have to pay in USD, which i think its not cheap after adding the taxes and postage.

Monday, September 26, 2005


I need your brilliant suggestions and feedbacks on PDA phones.I'd lost my phone and currently using someone's phone and he needs the phone soon.It's been 3 weeks and i have no time to get myself a new phone as i'm having exams.

I've been searching online, there are few i found them not bad,but i couldn't decide which to buy.I love O2 mini but no wi-fi, and i find O2 xda IIi a lil bulky.
I did consider iPAQ hp 6365, but it's even more bulky!

Now i had ran out of ideas, i'm not very clear of which type of PDA phone is better.Any ideas from YOu?
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The heat is burning hot,has been missing mom a lot lately.I hate exams, often it triggers my juicy mind, start thinking of so manythings that it might just somehow overflow and the next thing i know,i'm ignoring most people,not having the mood to speak even more than 10 words.Thats bad i know, but its kinda hard to change,not that i never try,i tried, never works!

I'm in my earphone and the music is blasting into my eardrums,i love to do this, because i'm trying to ignore the world,slowly wonder into the world of my own.As the music gets louder,i feel better!Guess sooner or later, i might just like my dad, A BIG HOLE in the eardrum!

When someone asked whether do i like the life i'm having now, i seriously don't whether its a "yes" or a "no".Because i love my life when i'm happy, but felt so sad when i couldn't find a meaning for my life.

Li wei once asked, what is the purpose of living.I laughed and thought,such a stupid question.Though it sounds silly, but after awhile i'd realised,I COULDN'T find an answer.I don't knowthe purpose of my life!!But one thing i'm sure, i'm the purpose of my parent's life.

Suicides often say they had no meaning in life, but they never realised that with thier act,they'd also taken away thier love one's purpose. Selfish!~

Thursday, September 22, 2005

uA741 and its pins

I annouce that my mini project is officially ended after the submission of our final project reports. *Applause*--nightmares are gone!

Its my study and i can't believe i was busy completing my report over the weekend while i should be burying myself underneath my books. This particular mini project had given me lots of stressful days and nightmares, but classmates and i had lots of fun too.

Unlike any other subjects, mini project had no lectures, no tutorials...and the most important exams!!!Its all about how to apply the theories into practical.I thought it would be fun as NO EXAMS needed, but then it was kind of hard in the 1st place, but once adepted ,things were much better.

Alright, its time to tell about my project partner----Sim da Great Ee Wei (aka koo tin lok)hahahaah!!He named it himself, don't blame me for that...keke!
Throughout the whole project, he was never an angry man even during the stressful period where our project is not working as expected. That is why he'd made me frustrated also in the same time had made me laughed. When the time he needed to be serious and concentrate on our circuits, he hopped around and disturb others!!But then, i was bad too, because he always got scolded by me,hahahahahahahaha!!

However, despite his crappy-ness , he was a very great partner, during crises time(hahahaha,when worst condition happened to the circuits), he knew how to calm me,kekeke!and most important,he was always the one that settled it eventually.

Here are some pictures taken during lab sessions.
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

September 6th...

A date that has changed my life forever, for good or for bad?I don't know,feeling kinda stupid,today is mom's 2nd anniversary.Time flies, life changes.For me,i had turned to another person, so did my families. Mom was a significant person in our family, played a very important role.She was our alarm clock, our cook, our cleaner, our advisor, our ears, our entertainer, our shoppingmate, our BEST FRIEND. Oh well, she was noisy and i do miss those.....laughing of hers, miss those days where i was awaken by her FANTASTIC voice,shouted all the way from kitchen to my room. But now that i'm sure she's gone, nothing could bring her back, and i have to live my life to the fullest.

God somehow is fair, He brought mom away on my best friend's birthday. Its kinda funny when i thought of it. It was very early in the morning when doctor declared mom has gone, instead of wishing my best friend (sow hoon) happy birthday, i broke the sad news to her. I had totally forgotten it was her birthday, what was in my mind had stopped breathing.That was the only year i didn't celebrate her big day with her.

This year, as usual, we had dinner, we chatted like as if we have yet chatted for years. It was her birthday but she came all the way from kepong to cyberjaya as my car is still "recovering" in the workshop. She has been my best friend since highschool, i've known her since form 2, since then, we're good friends.We celebrate birthdays together every year. She is always there when i needed someone to talk to, i'm glad i have her.

We had our dinner in a restaurant called "Bumbu Bali",then we head to SS2 to a cafe called "Honey Bee".Oh!I must say its a very cute cafe,where everything is bees.

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Look at the decorations, we didn't want to leave until they asked us to.All the drinks there was given cute names. They have magic pops in the drinks, i felt the popping in my mouth as i drank the it. My friend's drinks was the best, he had lil star shaped mangos in it.

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There were magazines, cards and some board games. We can use it as long as we return it later. We can also dedicate messages, where they will pin it on the board.Cute aint it?

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Later at night, we headed down to KL for a car ride. I hasnt been there for so long and i must say, KL looks very nice at night.