Saturday, July 30, 2005

Jian Wen's birthday bash...

Indeed its Jian Wen's bash,his friends bought him 3 birthday cakes,but not for him to eat but to treat his face,hahahaha!!poor poor birthday boy,but somehow,all of us enjoyed!
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Notice the different shirt he's wearing,this was the 2nd cake after he cleaned up himself,hahahahaa!

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The birthday boy with his clean face,hahaha!

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Why he closed his eyes?hahaha!!Lee Jiun his lovely,pretty,cute,smart darling,haha!

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The pond in his house with this 2 lil guy,who r u they,u do the guessing.

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People all the way from seremban and cyberjaya,from left----Fai(red shirt),sim(strip shirt),hui(green polo),liwei(greenish yellow T),eujin(white shirt),Bernard(half headed),jeewei(dark blue shirt),Sat (white shirt)

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I don't know thier names.....only Allen(red pants),bcoz i remembered them saying sending him off to England.

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Liwei and her darling,who is my "kai zai"

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All from Seafield,David,Belinda,Siewkeng,and her hubby.

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Friends who had brought him cakes,hahaha!

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Me and my darling ,hui.

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Cleaning up the left overs,(cakessssss!)......

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Last but not least,It's jian's legs with Siew Keng's heels,as he claimed he's not tall enough..hahaha!

Friday, July 29, 2005

The onion hair.

There're some pictures i would like to share,i find them kinda nice,it was taken last week in Sri Hartamas.Heavy rain fell that night and i'm not kidding,the wind was so strong that could practically tear down a tree.I love it so much that i wish that night will never end.

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Where is hui's neck!!??!?!?!hahahaa!....Its wun and licia........kekekekeke!

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Eu jin with his pink shirt!!sweet sweet ej,haha!.....Liwei's ping pong balls is showing!hahaha!.......Where is Alex's eyes???tak nampak!

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Alex turns gay during full moon.

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This is the onion hair i was talking about.I clayed it and i could shape it whatever i like..hahaha!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Its in the early morning.

I don't know what brought me here as i'm suppose to bury myself with a stack of Communication 1 notes.Its in the morning where i'm getting myself prepared for classes,i've realised i havent been blogging for donkey years,hence here i am..!

I hate exam,who won't?Anyway,best of luck to me ...i'll be in the examination hall later at night fighting for a better future..hahaha!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Proton Malaysia Open

Alright,i knew Malaysia Open Badminton had overed since ages ago.I wanted to blog about the experience i was in the stadium watching live matches,but i don't have the pictures with me last week.

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This is how the place looked like,it was my 1st time.I was there in the semi-finals,since that saturday evening was kinda boring,dad decided to have some real fun shouting in the stadium.I was there because of my dad's wish,but eventually,i really had a real good time.It was very very different watching live matches compare watching in the TV.

The sits was filled up,where some had to stand or sat on the stair steps as the sits were all taken.The amount of crowd was amazing,i never thought malaysian would spend money watching the matches live,i always thought malaysian was calculative and stingy as i thought they would rather watch it in the TV.But,the game had proven me wrong.

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I was amused and amazed by the airconditional,the stadium is big and the crowd is over flowing but still it wasn't hot.I guess it's because of the air-conditioning system.

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They gave free "air stick",whatever,i don't know what u called that,it's a pair of long air plastic bag where u bang the 2 it'll make noises.Its for the crowd to cheer instead of shouting.(Alright,i know my describtion is very bad,it mirable if any of u understand what i'm trying to tell).However,becuase dad had hit it too hard and he broke it.It was funny to see how he fixed it,like the picture.

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Thats how unethical malaysian are,they are always the litter bug!Before we left,the whole stadium was like a giant rubbish bin.Can u imagine that?

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

I cried, for i miss my mom,
i cried, for i couldn't be myself,
i cried, for the loneliness in me,
i cried, for i'm staying in Cyberjaya 5 days a week,
i cried, for i can't be with my dad and sheena 7 days a week,24 hours a day,
i cried, for i've expected too much,
and i smile, for i've found real friend.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It just a short update to announce that i'm still alive,not dead yet!I had a pretty hectic day today!I just hate Monday so so much,none of my friends like either.WHY??Because our schedules for class are PACKED!! I have 5 hours of lectures and 3 hours of lab,can u believe that?A total of 8 hours!!!That's not all,every monday i gotta wake up at 7am and reach my apartment at 7pm!!

I hope i can still survive for another 2 months!Pray for me!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Where is the meaning of marriage

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As i was having my usual routine (breakfast) in the coffee shop with my dad this morning,he told me a shocking news where my cousin brother is preparing a divorce.

I was kinda shocked (still in shock now),thinking how could this be?Both of them seem so happily together, aside from that,they should somehow consider thier childrens.I couldn't imagine what would be the future of his children.As for me,if i'm in thier age (from few months to 10 years old ),i would have cried all nights hoping my parents would get back together again.

But it seem kids now a days are much different,one of my cousin's daugther (7 years old) knew her dad and mom gonna seperate and she seem normal about it.

As i'm doing my electronics report,i'm getting frust and bored when i couldn't finish the report instead i've made it even more complicated to be done.Not understanding everything that i'd done in the lab and with the inaccurate results i've obtained,i'm afraid i couldn't finish it before it's due.

And when i'm about to throw my notes and paper aside (give up),I heard the song "Sometimes When We Touch" by Dan Hill,it's a nice song but i don't understand the meaning of the lyric.Kinda confusing.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Indescribable feelings.

SK invited me to a yahoo chat room,and there,i met a guy..he was funny.Then in his blog,i know he's Peter Tan.

I don't know where to start,i read all his post about his mom and it's made my heart ache.Why ache?because every word he wrote on his mom reflects mine and its the feelings that i thought no one would ever understand.I'm not good in words,i couldn't express myself like he did.

I once thought losing mom at such young age was the worse thing ever on the earth.I always take "my mom is gone" as excuses not to be determine.Well,he has changed me with his posts,i wasn't the only one.I am lucky to still have my dad around looking after me,buy me things that he wouldn't even willing to get for himself.At least i still have people to reunion during CNY,i don't have to cook my own meal as grandmama cook my dinner everyday.I don't mean to stir up his sad stories.But those stories that has made me to appreciate everything i own.

Imagine i'm him,i couldn't continue living ,yet,he is living with passion and hope.I admire his determination.With the same incident,looking at a different angle of life,it might gives you a different stories.Peter Tan has inspired me to be a better person.He is indeed a great person,a person u should meet and he'll indirectly gives u a meaning of life.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Lexus RX Hybrid.

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There was one day,i saw a Toyota Harrier on the road,it was black.It was huge and elegant,since then,i started to love SUV.I'd seen so many SUV,but only Toyota Harrier makes my heart goes.."bubook!bubook!!"I know every well,i'm falling in love with it.

Later,i've found out,there's another identical model which is called Lexus RX.They are exactly the same,but only the names are different.Jian,dave and i were fighting over thier names.The fight was furious and later we realised it was just some stupid misunderstanding.I didn't understand them and they misunderstood me.Come to think of it,its kinda dumb.

Why i love Lexus RX so much?I'm not too good in analysing its performance,but by its outlook and all the "canggih" features,i know i'm gonna buy it some day.I has been loving the car since years ago,after so long,i'm still loving it.Once i like something,its gonna be so long.

Its a lil hard for me to try new things,i prefer sticking to the old ones.For example,every time i go McDonalds,it'll be definitely McChicken--------KFC,it'll gonna be Zinger Burger------Teh o ice limau in every mamak.Why?i guess i don't like wasting time trying new things,since i'm already loving the old ones,why bother trying new one?I don't like to put myself in risk.Trying new stuff means putting yourself in risk,it might turn out nice and it might not.

The picture is showing
Lexus RX 400Hybrid

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


When i was lil,i always thought all malaysian eat durians.But it seem the other way round now,almost 1/10 of Malaysian don't eat durians.My dad,grandpapa,grandmama,sheena and i love durians,why?because we are malaysian,hahahahaha!!!

Durians can be found not only in Malaysia but everywhere around the world.I'd
seen durians in Hong Kong ,i somehow prefer those in Malaysia.

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Jianwen,liwei and Eujin could die if they were to stay with a few "biji" of durians in a room for hours.The rest of us,liwei named us as "durian freak".
Look at what Jianwen did when Jeewei brough home the durians.I laughed untill i could roll on the floor.
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Jeewei is not wearing any shirt!!!So did Jianwen.Yum yum durians in thier mouth.

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Monday, July 04, 2005


This post was inspired by a lady from my church.It was morning when i walked into my church and i saw her,with her cane,struggled walking up the stairs.Since the day i know her,she already has difficulty in walking but her condition got worse lately.I could see,even with the help of 2 men,she couldn't held her legs up to walk up those few stair steps,yet,she tried.

People would ask,why don't she sit on a wheel chair.She believe wheel-chairs are for people whom can't walk at all.She is suffering,i know because i can see like the way i saw my mom last time.I'm so ashame of myself,she wish she could hav
e strong legs to walk her around yet i'm complaining of my healthy legs for being not nice in shape.I didn't realised i'm so lucky until i saw her.

There's another old lady (around 80),she came from a slightly lower than moderate family,her sons and daughters never treat her well. She comes to church every week though she has to take almost an hour of bus journey.When i asked why,she said she find peace and happiness.Feeling even more ashame of myself now because i always complain my car is not cool enough.

There are a lot of handsome young men in my church,rich,stylist,playful but why they don't seem attractive to me?I don't know why,i'm getting worried.I found myself get attracted to men who is a lil older (25-30). I suppose its the way they dress up?I love guys wearing loafers with shorts.I find guys attractive when they cry,hahaha!Don't ask why,i don't know either.

Wilson is my ex-bf and he left me a year ago.I was sad when my mo passed way and he couldn't understand how i feel.No one could even if they say they could unless they encounter it.He complained a lot just becuase i miss my mom too much that i talk about her,cry over her everynight.I was even sadder when we broke up.I was thinking he could help me to stand up after my mom's death,instead he left me.I still continue crying everynight but not over him,because i found it pointless.Since then,i was afraid of being hurt again,afraid to get into a new relationship,afraid that he would leave me when i needed him the most.

I started t0 restrict myself,isolate myself to any new guys.Broke up with him has made me another person,even my broke up with my 1st ex-bf not as bad as that.
I was sad not because he left but because he left at the time i needed him the most.I sleep alone since young,the only thing i wish is there's someone who is willing to hug me to sleep when i can not sleep.