Friday, May 27, 2005

My way to Mount.Kinabalu!!

Alright,this will be the last post before i head my way to Sabah on Monday.As,i'll be super busy preparing and not forgetting my dear lil housemate,dave's 21st birthday party!!!He's turning 21 on 29th May.Also,Kenyi,my best-est friend celebrating his 21st birthday on 31st May!!wow,no wonder i'm broke in the month of May.

I'll have lots of pictures!!
ps:Carrie is the new American Idol!!!

Oh,I saw David Hasselhoff (Baywatch,Mitch)in American Idol, he's so so so manly and he's tall!I wonder why all Davids are so handsome,hrmmpp...!
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Monday, May 23, 2005

My dad is a smart dad.

Since it was still pretty early after we had our dinner in The Curve,Sheena decided that she wanted to get some bookd from MPH and there we headed to MPH book store.

I was wandering in the craft and art sections while dad was looking through the "Best seller"s.The book "Rich dad,Poor dad" caught his attention, I'd told him about the positive feedbacks my friends gave me about the book.Since its not expensive,dad thinks there's no harm reading it.

During the 2 hours we were in the book store,Sheena met a cute guy and they had a lil chat before he asked for her num and she gracefully said "no"!!He's an accountant and speaks perfectly good English!!I wonder why she never give chance.She claimed his english is too good and afraid they can't click well.hrmmppp!!

ps: dad is playing pinball with the maximum volume!The whole nieghtbourhood could hear him!

Monday, May 16, 2005

The great blessing from Aunt Agnes.

Has anyone noticed the wish list beside?Sewing mechine was the 1st in the list ,but no longer for now as Aunt Agnes (my mom's only sister) generously bought me one.With joy and indecribable happiness,i started looking for nice fabrics and quickly start learning to sew.Well,i can sew simply things,like,curtains,table clothes,pencil cases and etc....but clothes??aha!!its a challenge!!

A picture of my new baby,poor image as its taken from the webcam for my digital camera is with my friend.
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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Marine animal candy.

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I'd bought this fabulous candy from Ocean Park,HK.I think they're super cute and they taste good too.I gave them to my lil cousins and they love it,hahaha!!!

A friend of mine text me the other day saying he has something important to tell me.I was curious because we hardly contact each other.It was pretty funny after knowing his intention,he apologized and claimed he can't sleep well after know what had happened to me.He was feeling guilty for the fool he'd done to me some ages days ago.

The story begins,we were chatting online and he claimed i was on drugs and will called my mom.I dare him ,knowing he don't have my phone num.God knows from where he got my house num and called!It was after midnight,my sister picked up the call while he asked to speak to Mrs Fong (my mom).Well with curiousity,my sister asked for his name,but he thought it was me that on the phone,he said something stupid which i can't recall.Guess he had pissed my sister,she scolded,he quicky mumbled something and put down the phone knowing it wasn't me.

He felt guilty because he didn't know my mom had passed away.I didn't tell anyone because i never keep in mind,so will u leave a comment telling who you r?hahahahaha!!!

I'm happy to have u as friend!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Hong Kong "lou poh pieng"

I'd bought boxes of "lou poh pieng" from HK,thinking it'll be nice as everyone says,but unfortunately,it turned out very diff.

We were convinced by the tour guide to place our order from him instead of going all the way to "Yuen Loong" to buy as they would send them right to our hotel doorstep.

Our mistake,we never check the expiring date.As we happily brought back the boxes of biscuits,little did we know that it has mould-ing already.I have yet realised even after i ate and trust me,its not tasty at all and it taste weird.I threw all of it only when my aunt told me that it has covered with mould.

I'm not happy with thier dishonesty and may thier business decline rapidly!!!!!

If u ever go HK,please don't buy biscuits from this company ----->
LuckGift (stupid name)
Flate E1/F HingLee Commercial Building
No.12-14 Shang Hai St.HK.
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Sunday, May 08, 2005

MOther's day.

Everyone is busy planning for Mother's day,it hurts sometimes,but come to think of it,though i don't have a mom but i do have a grandmama whom love me so dear.As usual,we gonna treat her with her favourite dishes in her favourite restaurant.

I know mom won't be able to see it,but somehow i've made her a card.I've printed her picture as u can see,and the background its her hand writting.The hearts are dad's,sheena's and mine.
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Thats mom's favourite broach.

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The bag for the card.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Shopping is my all time favourite but it seem weird when my sis asked me to go shopping yesterday and i said "arrhh.....i'm lazy la!".Maybe i'm still tired,still recovering from the trip,or maybe i missed home too much after 5 days of not at home.She dragged me to the mall anyhow.

Back to my shopping trip in Hong Kong.Well,HK is indeed a shopping paradise,i wish i have unlimited cash and i'm sure i'll be back with the whole HK.Our plans everyday was shopping and shopping,of cause sometimes we do find places of interest to visit,like ocean park,avenue star,victoria peak and etc.

Here are some pictures,i can't upload all of it ,we took 300++ pictures and videos too!!

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I'm freaking crazy for Yao Ming,look how tall he is.
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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Back from the busy city.

After 5 days of non-stop shopping,my purse went dry.The trip was fantastic,though its a lil tired as we had to walked all day long.I guess the amount of walking we did in HK is more than we do a month in Cyberjaya.

In HK,i was able to reach almost any corner of the country with public transport,imagine in malaysia,it's so inconvenient without a car.

Hing How has a friend there,hence she and her sister became our tour guide.We are so lucky to have them else we'll be wasting time searching for places and learning the way to reach.They're really very friendly and we clicked well.

HK is a very busy city,the MTR comes every 3 minutes and buses come every 5 minutes,and thier bus service is 24 hours basis,cool huh?!?!?

I'm tired today,maybe i'll tell more stories later and together with pictures.