Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Me after 10 days not blogging.

HELLLLLLLLLO,its been a long long time i haven't updated my blog,anyone missing me!?!?haha!

I've been very busy with school work,assignments mainly.Last week was a sick week,a tough week,I was sick,it was worse when i had to finish up my TWO assignments and slept very late almost everynight.I was like a dead fish as my friends claimed,i was terribly tired,slept in almost every classes,walked like a zombi.

I have another assignment to pass up on Wednesday,but fortunately i'd finished up,mabe a lil of touching up to do.I feel so so so so free like a bird,but when i thought of finals its just a week away,my joy gone immediately.aiks....FINALS again.

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I've found the above pic from the internet,its dang gui,a kind of chinese herbs is believe to build blood.Dad bought me the Dang gui as he claimed i dont have enough blood,ermm,guess it's due to my iron level in blood.The pic below is the already cut dang gui with "blue dates" packed.i find it quite cute .
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Jian wen yesterday had donated 10 cents to me as he said i'm too pathetic.Thankz to him!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt's him.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

A friend from far.

I find friendster is such a amazing tool to search for old friends.I've chatted with a friend from a very far place called Arabia.I'd had a wonderful chat with her,she's a darling,a sweetheart.Though we have different skin colour,different hair colour,yet we clicked so well.

She's been a very good friend of mine back in secondary school time.Everyone in school knows her because she was the only blond in school!She wasn't my classmate but was my goodfriends',we started hanging around together.Later i found her very easy going type of person,learn things pretty fast especially Chinese Language.She was indeed a lil different from all of us,despite her outlook,she was my 1st and only muslim friend in secondary school whom i can get along very well.

Later,when we all graduated from high school,we lost contact.BUT.....she found me in frienster the other day and i was SERIOUSLY,EXTREAMLY happy about it!i never expected to see her again (yea,i have yet seen her,but i believe she'll be back in malaysia someday ,as long as i still keep contact with her,i'll be able to meet her). She's now in Arabia with her husband!Yes,she's same age with me but already married and gave birth to a baby girl called Saro.Pretty fast isn't it?unlike me,after 3 broken relationship still havent met my true love.

Anyway,let me tell u thier stories,i find it quite amazing.She played violin in the orchestra group in Sedaya.Her husband is a famous musician in Arabia,came to Malaysia and met her.He proposed to her father before they can even started a courtship!Well,my friend,she likes him and in a very short time,they got married and she's now in Arabia with her husband but her family is here.Very quick?hahaha!!!But she told me they do practise early marriage.

She used to study in UTM before enrolling herself in Sedaya College.She left UTM,u know why?Because she wasn't happy there,she don't hav friends.People there tends to gang up and because she's blond,people stared at her,she was lonely.I hate those people,seriously,she's perfectly like a Malaysian,she speaks malay,watched Chinese soup operas.I told her,she should have come to MMU,at least MMUian don't judge by thier skin colour (agree?majority of them,coz i do see diff skin colours mixing together).

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thats her baby girl,Saro.
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Friday, March 11, 2005


It's afternoon,I'm in liwei's bed resting my head on my lil bear called bibi(the name is given by my roomate,hui),where i'm suppose to be in campus for classes but i skipped.My head is very heavy,painful also---->headache.

I'm prone to headaches,everytime it happens,i need a very long hours sleep to recover myself as i dont have the habit of taking painkiller pills. There's a lil hill on my head,don't understand?let me explain,its nothing but i fell from the couch yesterday and my head hit straight to the floor vertically.The piercing pain went straight to my heart immediately after my head knock the floor.I couldn't get up,the pain in my heart was the cause instead of my head.I don'tF know why,but it got better after than.

I discorvered i couldn't breath properly when i'm having supper with friends outside.Everytime i gasp,i felt pain.Nothing big deal,i guess.The pain gone when i woke up this morning,but instead,my lil hill on my head is giving me problem now,its very painful,i can't comb as usual.I've got to adjust my head nicely on the pillow so that there's no direct contact of anything to my lil hill,or else.........(*scream*)

Alright,i need to have my princess nap now,hopefully i'll be better when i wake up.So u guys,if u don't see me waking up tomorrow morning,plz call the 999.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What do u call these?

These are my favourites.Things that most people don't find them beautiful ,i call them art.I always like to be a lil not alike with majority,i like to be special,but am i special?I'm not so sure.

How do u define special?Some call it odd,but i call it,unique!

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Friday, March 04, 2005

The maid of the year.

There're something very funny and i would like to share it here,i bet u must have already burst out laughing already.My housemate (TOH HING HOW),he laughed at my IC picture as it's too "pretty"!Not me that took the picture but him!!!!!


alright,here's another funny one,she's surely gonna skin me and turn me up-side-down!!
my dearly roomate!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Futsal Fever

"Steph,wanna go futsal later after exam?"
Sim asked me in the library hours before the paper. I thought i was a crazy idea as "futsal" the word only meant for guys not females.

Elaine and I was fooling around with him,he kept repeating the line,until the extend that i said yes as i couldn't stand him saying the same thing over and over again.Since i'm going,Elaine too said yes!Liwei simply gave us her lamest answer when we invited her to join us,
she said "u guys go la,i don't wanna go." we knewit before we ask,kekekeke!!!

somehow later,she knew everyone is going,she wanted to join too.Eventually,Sim,Jee Wei,Jian,Elaine,Eujin,Liwei and I went for FUTSAL right after our Maths paper.

As u know,there'll always be stupid things when Jian is around.So,u can imagine like we shouted and ran like as if we'd won a point in WORLD CUP but in fact it's only a rented indoor soccer which was only quarter of the actual soccerfield size.HAHAHA!!!!i felt stupid when i come to think of it,hahaha!people at side must had looked at us one kind,kekeke!

Btw,there was a filming of something (i don't know what was it,some local tv show,i guess) in the futsal court.

the shoes of the day.

the only ladies.

i was trying to fit myself and liwei into the tiny little goal-post.

elaine piggybacking me to Holland.haha!

the champion team

the other team

don't ever guess who's disgusting stomach is that.

I captured this when i was driving through one of the LDP (highway) tunnel.It's not very clear but i think it's very nice.

My car was clamped by MMU (Multimedia University) security officer,for i'd packed my car in the yellow lines.It was my 1st time illegally parked my car,i don't hav luck it seem!!!

There it is,my saman ticket!!!!

My friends were so jobless for as they practically took pictures of my clamped car.It was a joke to all of them for my car was clamped!(i have crappy friends,hence,no doubt,i'm crappy too)