Sunday, February 27, 2005

A belated celebration

My friends called me up this evening saying that they've got surprises for me.They throwed me a little party in a restaurant,small but i enjoyed it a lot.All my friends are very cute and fuuny,i laughed through the dinner.kekeke!!i love today's outing!it was really fun!!!!!!!!!

My best-est friend gave me this,she's my very very very good friend since young.

The cake was from De Pastry Chef,kinda expensive for such a small cake,only half Kg but it cost RM60.It was a gift from my another best-est friend whom he buys me cake in my birthday every year.Can u spot any not normal about the cake?There's 4 big candles and a tiny candle,he claimed i'm 41 instead of 21st year old,and he forced me to blow it!

My room finally done,dad had used the entire week to fixed up them for me.My room now loook very much tidier and cleaner.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

1st day of my 21st year old.

"WAKE UP!!!!" i was awaken by my roomates while i was sleeping soundly in liwei's bed.I was too tired and felt asleep holding my notes in my hand.

I knew they gonna celebrate my birthday(kekekeke~!!) but i never expected that we'll go out as everyone is very busy with thier assignments and exams.Eventually,we went to Halo Cafe in Subang.Its very nice as there were people singing live and we can dedicate any songs we like.It was simple but the few precious hours they had spared had meant a lot to me(everyone gonna have exams this coming sat).Thankz guys!muaks!

It not the price of the present they had gave me does the matter but the effort they had put in on my birthday,everyone is very very(i mean very very busy as we have few assignments and some have few exams coming very soon)busy yet they took time to buy me present and a BIRTHDAY cake and sing me birthday song and birthday card and birthday kisses and hugs...etc.

Though i don't have a very grand birthday party for my 21st birthday but those wishes a lot my friends had gave me made dying happy!Unexpected friends that i had long lost contact called to wished me,a very meaning birthday indeed!

ps :today is jason's birthday too!happy birthday .....muaks and hugz!(may your wish come true--->khang nee)

Alicia---->dumb and pigging poke

Elaine---->slow and vain poke

Liwei---->blur and lazy poke

Hinghow--->Gen 2 owner

David---->he's 188cm!coconut tree

Jian Wen--->short legged brother

King -->he's 190cm!!giant!

prezzie from my darling friends.

Sis bought it for me.

The birthday cake

i was having my 1st bite of the cheese cake..yum yum

super cheaplak(hahaha!),the lamest pose ever---->cheaplak jeewei,cheaplak sim,cheaplak jian,lovely elaine,eu jin(no cheaplak for him as he don't hav cheaplak pose)

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Happy Birthday DArling!

My sister turned 2o today!Obviously it's her birthday!I got her a watch earlier before CNY and she loves it very much(ermm..feeling happy).

We dined (dad,sis and mine) in a Mongolia Restaurant in KL today.Dad's not free on his birthday,so am i.Thats why we decided to celebrate all in one shot.No cakes this year unlike we used to have previous years, but we drank wine (yum yum,dad bought them).The food wasn't very delicious as we assumed it'll be,but we enjoyed the moment.We talked,we laughed,we joked,ermmm...the price wasn't too ridiculous.

Gone home right after the dinner.As dad had promised to refurnish my room as my 21st birthday.We went shopping in IKEA in the afternoon,bought quite a number of things,spent a lot too (kekekee,dad loves me a lot,hahahahahahahaa!!!).Dad helped me to fixed up everything until someone called and complained we're too noisy (kekeke!paiseh ).We didn't notice it was so late at night already,dad promised to continue tomorrow morning.

Back to my sis's story,she got a lot of presents from her friends. Well,what had touched me was,her friends came all the way to sg buloh late at night just to bring her a birthday cake!(my house is quite far from her friends)

her name ---->sheena

guess what was that-------->it's pig's earss....yuuck!(i never knew,coz my naughty sis never tell until i almost finished everything)

Friday, February 18, 2005

10 Years Difference.

When i was in Standard 4

In my 2nd year Degree.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Happy Birthday DAddy!!!

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9................53,it has been 53 years since the day he was born.From a very naughty,lazy boy,he had transformed to a perfect daddy.He is my SUPER HERO dad!

Dad was born to a moderate family,he was once a very naughty boy,but his father's (my grandpa) death had changed him a lot.I havent see my grandpa,but i knew he was a very perfect father too,like father like son.Grandpa had made his way to heaven when dad was 12,since then,dad's eldest brother and sister had to stop studying to support the family.Dad claimed that he was fortunate to continue his studies.From then,he had studied hard and work hard.

Mom was his 1st love ,they got married after 2 years of courtship.Dad wasn't rich that time,in fact, he was considered poor as his income was only RM200 per month.He had already started saving for my studies before i was born.He doesn't want me to encounter what he had encountered.He didn't make it to the University even he had the offered ( as u know,its not easy to get into a UM that time) as he couldn't affort it.His dream was always to be a university student.Therefore,he wanted me to be one,he wanted me to study without worrying of my fees.
I often wanted to work part time to lighten his burden but he shaked his head everytime i ask.

Dad is a very humble person,don't like showing off.He never said no when i request something from him (but i'm not that bad to the extreme that i'll ask for something which is not impossible).I knew i'm a spoilt girl,but i don't simply ask for things.Dad has given me more than enough as a student,he'll give what ever he can affort.

Today is his birthday,we (sis and i) bought him a pair of hiking shoes (his old one was broken).It cost us RM300!Anyway,i was so happy when i see smile on his face.Obviously,he love it.I believe he is happy not because of the gift but the effort he knew we''d put in.My sis and I purposely went to Pertama Complex to look for his shoes as its only available there.We did researches too,checking which pattern he prefer,his shoe size and etc.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

flowerless day

Obviously,today was a flowerless day for me(meaning i didn't get any flowers from anybody,haha!),but not dateless.

As everyone would preceive,only special person can be "a date" on valentine's day.For me,i don't have so called special person but i don't consider myself dateless.Why?because i went out with my beloved housemates,they are my dates!

Presentee---->Chai Hui,David,HH,Alicia(she left with her darling right after we sat down for dinner,so not counted!),me.

It was indeed a special day.There're so many surprises,Sim went out with a girl (hahaha!),Fai went out too!?!??(wow wow!),Jian hahha,stayed home and watch his siblings (kekeke,poor him,lee jiun not free).

Oh,another thing,i broke my glasses and i need my glasses to read during letures.I've got no choice but to geta new one.That led us-the singles, to Alamanda.We saw superb number of love birds in the mall.Of cause,quite a number of them are MMU students,kekeke!I don't feel odd nor jealous as i'm enjoying my life of being single now,free and happy.Some said its because i haven't met my mr.right yet,it might be true but i don't know how true it is.I guess if its not of my broken glasses,we might have gone to dengkil for economic rice and watched vcds after that.

When comes to valentine's day,people will think of red roses and chocolates.I felt it's a lil not practical to buy flowers on valentine's day,the pricing is killing.One of my friend, he bought 50 roses for RM400 to a girl that he dont intend to go after.Weird huh?i felt the same.Back to the point,RM 400 for 50 roses??i rather spend the same amount of money on another thing which i believe it'll somehow more practical then flowers.Agree?

These questions came to my mind,why flowers on valentine's day?Why do females love flowers?
Like my mom,she was over-joyed when i bought her a bouquet of lilies on her birthday.Alicia received a bouquet of roses on her birthday from her darling,it's been months and its still in her room now!

Monday, February 14, 2005

The trip down to Seremban.

It was early in the sunday morning,i'm suppose to be out of the bed at 8am but i was only fully awake when my clock showed 9.15am.

I rushed to the bathroom,ate 2 half boiled eggs (cooked by my dad,keke!),ran out of the house and drove like 140 km/h straight to Cyberjaya thinking i was terribly late as dave smsed reminding me to be punctual,but i met david and Hing How in our apartment carpark(...hahh..relief).

1st stop was Chai Hui's home.After our beef noodle lunch,we headed to liwei's NEW HOME.It was imazing. You know,Chinese tends to practise gambling during CNY,and thats how we ended up playing card games WITH MONEY(i felt a lil uncomfortable as i dont play cards with money involved,guilty!).Anyhow,i did enjoyed it,fun indeed, seeing how they lose and win money,haha!
dave and HH won quite a lot and the rest of us...LOSE..!

Later in the evening,we had our reunion dinner(hahaha...reunite after not seeing each other for a week) in a classy restaurant called "Lucky Palace".

Saturday, February 12, 2005


It was such a wonderful day though its a lil tired as i've travelled from places to places.I'd had a annual gathering with my cousin sisters and brothers from different places.We went down straight to Bentung after our DimSum breakfast at 9 am,no doubt it was a very heavy breakfast.My cousins are very very very big eater,hence they're quite tall indeed(both female and males cousins).My aunt had cooked us a very heavy lunch too,with chicken and big fish!(erm...i never taste the fish but from all the comments i've heard from them,i believe it was fresh and tasty).

Reached Kepong at around 5 pm after the lunch in Bentung.We had another super heavy dinner with my eldest cousin brother (married).I've gained another few pounds today,argghs!!

This is my cutest little cousin sister.She's super vain,she's only 2 years old but already learned which dress goes with which shoes.

She's trying to get into the pool as she didn't know it's too deep for her.

She's the prettiest among all my little cousins,her name,Sheila.

My cousin,we used to play together always when we're little.Even until now,we're still very close though she's stuyding in singapore now.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A letter from Canada.

Postman came and handed me a letter while i was busy cleaning up just now.The letter is from Ontario,Canada.It wasn't to me but to my mom,i knew she's mom's best-est pal in Canada.

I read the letter,i'm glad that mom had had such a great pen-pal with her through out her life.I've quote part of it,

Please,please,please.....Shirley,or whoever might get this letter,please let me know if Shirley and her family are alright.I need to know,please.My mailing add is above.............
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is a victim because of the tsunami, but right now I am very concerned about my dear friend Shirley, who I have corresponded with since 1969.....................
You,Shirley,have been a very important part of my life and not knowing is so very difficult.

Yes,from the above,my mom had started her friendship with Aunty Jennie(it's her name) since she was 13,right after she stepped into Convernt High School in Seremban (now,Puteri,liwei's former school).I'd heard a lot of Aunty Jennie from mom last time,i knew she is very important to mom too.i was so touched by her letter to mom,they never met each other yet thier bonding was so strong.

Aunty Jennie didn't know mom had passed away,i always wanted to send her a letter but i really don't know how to start.Until i've received this letter,i believe i had no choice but to return a bad news to her.

Monday, February 07, 2005


I was so pissesd off today.I went to this mall near my house,ermm..walked around,did some shopping in the ladies department.The inccident happened in the cashier counter,i was queuing to pay for my things,and i don't know how,people started to queue from the other side of the queue i was in.So i don't take it as any big matter,but this short,pregnant malay lady stood next to me all of a sudden,obviously,she's trying to cut my queue!!!!
i was so uncomfortable,i looked at her,in my eyes,i was trying to tell her that she's cutting into my queue.Guess what,she pretended she can't see me as if i'm too tall or she's too short to spot me!Then,i controlled myself,i said to myself,nvm,i've promised to be a more patience girl.

SO after the lady,i'm supposed to be the next person the cashier should approach.I pushed my things right infront of her and make sure she saw it.WHAT!SHE PUSHED away my things and started to punched in the bar codes of the other person from the other queue!!!!HEy,its so obvious i'm there 1st!i didn't say that the person is cutting my queue,but i suppose the cashier should know who's there 1st!its not my fault the queue went to the other side,but the queue was in my side 1st!Anyhow,i was so mad,almost scolded the cashier,instead,i decided to move to another cashier counter,i don't wanna see her face!Then i asked,
"Is there another cashier counter?"
THAT FELLA DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M TRYING TO ASK!!i got even more pissed!my sis quicky asked in malay knowing i'm gonna scold her already and she pulled me away right after that!

I don't mind queuing for long,but i dislike (hate!!!) people cutting queue!its very unfair to others at the back,true?!


After the last paper,my friends and i decided we should treat ourself a nice dinner and a movie,so we went to Mid-Valley.

After a long day of classes,we headed to the mall at 6pm,so imagine the traffic!Reached at around 7pm(if i'm not mistaken).Jian recommended Oh Sushi!,we went in,sat down,placed our orders and started chatting.Somewhere near finishing,i accidentally came out with this stupid idea,i dare HUI to swallow the big piece of WASABI!As everyone do,i seriously don't believe she could put it into her mouth.I believe she's like me,when none of us believe she could do so,she want to prove them wrong.She indeed a brave girl,SHE ATE IT!

Jian was thinking if a girl can do it,why not him?He challenged himself and also me!Why?bcoz he thinked we're in the same family.Alright,i hesitated,because seeing HUI's face terrified me.But then eventually,i ate it too.IT WAS A BIG PIECE OF WASABI,not those small small one.I swallow the whole thing instead of letting the green thingy melt slowly in my mouth (Jian and Hui did that,thats y they took longer time).To my expectation,my stomach went very upset,my whole body felt so uncomfortable.I guess my face almost turning green already,i couldn't walk fast,neither move fast as it'll worsen my condition.So,the wasabi had spoilt our plan for shopping.
Both of us don't hav the mood to shop anymore,who will when they're sick woh!Common sense!

After a couples of hours,we walked into the cinema and enjoyed National Treasure because we had recover from the discomfort!National Treasure was indeed a very nice movie,funny yet mysterious.I guess the greatest treasure they both gain isn't the treasure under the ground but its the satisfaction and that they'd proven everyone was wrong.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Its just another weird day

I woke up quite early today as i slept at 3am yesterday which is not normal.Usually i'll slept at 1 something,will never pass 2 am.What was i doing untill so late?hahaha..i was playing pool with my housemates,but eventually found it quite boring as i always shoot in the BLACK colour one...**GERAM!!**

Anyway,for hours i'd sat on the PVC couch,as i got up,i felt itchy beneath my both thighs,i started scratching thinking that i might had sat there too long.After an hour,i still scratching and starting to worried,i can feel the rashes.I took a mirror,and..OMG!!It has rashes all over the beneath thighs!I went into alicia's room,showed her,and she went like....."OMG!!!"It was the 1st time my skin got so bad,i didn't know why,i thought it might be the bugs,as Jian has had a terrible experiences with it.I got so so worried,mood started to change,i was so afraid that it'll spread to my entire legs,and then i couldn't wear skirt on CNY.I got quite moody yesterday night,so i decided to sleep before i started scolding..kekeke!(thats the reason i slept at 3,if not of the rashes,i believe i wouldn't be sleeping so early).The next morning,which is this morning,i looked at my thighs,PRAISE the LORD!There's no more rashes.

Hui slept earlier than i am yesterday night,half way in her dream,she felt aching in her stomach and it went worse.As her level of tolerance for pain is quite low,she fainted in her bed!none of us knew about it until she told us this morning, she was in her bed,who will know that she actually fainted but not sleeping woh!Anyway,after awhile (which i don't know how long neither she),she woke up forcing herself into the toilet,thinking it'll help to reduce the aching pain.She was so afraid that she would faint in the bathroom,hahaha!!(i know i'm bad as i laughed at her,but i couldn't help myself ),anyhow,she felt better after going into the toilet.There she is,my lovely HUI...hahaha!!always faint when she gets very painful.

Liwei woke up the earliest,(she slept the earliest ok!?)Guess what??!!she swept the floor,washes the floormats!!U believe or not?liwei...ermm.....a girl that never do house chores.kekeke!!David just woke when she's sweeping the floor and he can't believe his own eyes...hahaha!

ALICIA,what else?she's not awake yet,she's the certified PIG.Whenever i'm awake,my 2 other housemates (the guys,HH and david) will follow be to awake and they always claim that is my voice that woke them up (i doubted!).Anyway,my point is,as they said,i'm very noisy but no matter how noisy and loud i speak,i can't never woke ALICIA!Thats y i said,she the certified PIG!kekeekkekee!!!later she's gonna skinned me..haha!

These are my friends!!!MUaks!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Control theory

This coming Wednesday is our Control Theory mid-term,i'm suppose to be sleeping by now,but looking at my housemates tension mode,i felt like posting thier faces here.

DAVID LIOW KIT CHONG,yes,he's not wearing any shirt,in another words,he's half naked

My roomate,KO LI WEI,true,her bolster can never be away from her ,no matter when she's eating ,watching tv,studying,and stoning,except in the bathroom.

My honey,ELAINE CHONG CHAI HUI,what else?she's gonna kill me and skinned me if she see this.

TOH HING HOW,he's supposed to be studying with dave in the dining hall,but then,...this lazy bug went to the living hall and watched tv.

ALICIA HUE YU AI,erm.......she's the most keppo girl in the house as she went to our room and gossip,thats y u couldn't see her there in the pic!