Saturday, January 29, 2005

nothing but stupid!

I might have a lot of friends,some are "hi,bye" friends,some are party friends,and some are close friends.There is another type of friends which i regard as buddy friends, they love you as you're part of their family.I'm lucky,i have quite a number of buddy friends,one of them is hui ,we met on the 1st day of school (MMU), we were quite close since then,but got closer by day.

We had a wonderful time yesterday ,we went for dinner in F1 which we longing to go,went for movie later.Our intention to Sunway Piramid was "National Treasure" but ended up with "Abnormal Beauty"(we were late for the former).Anyhow,i assumed everyone knows that "Abnormal Beauty" was abnoramally not nice as the cinema was empty!hahahaa!!

As its already late at night,the shopping mall was people-less and extreamly quiet.Both of us were afraid but never wanted to admit..kekee!i started running when we were in the walkway going out the cinema,hui followed.It was so eery, ok!!the walkway was cold and quiet.As we reached outside the cinema which is the shopping mall,i saw baskin robin and jokingly told hui that i wanted to steal its display ice-cream cups,ironicaly,she thought i'm serious,hahahaa!!!
She was as crazy as i am,we waited for everyone to leave,looked at the right,left,front and back.
As soon as we can't spot anyone,we took the cups and hide underneath our jackets.We ran like a mad monkey,as we ran,we laughed and laughed until we almost tripped.We ran in the car park and laughed to ourselves in the car.I felt so stupid and jahat yet happy,i never expected that i'll do such stupid thing,i guess Baskin Robin won't sue us for only 2 display cups?hahaha!
that was the 1st part of out stupidity.

We went for shopping AGAIN in 1 utama (our favourite mall),ermm.....bought quite a lot of things until we both broke!On the way back in LDP,an uncle gave a hand signal to me,and both of us thought he's siao,and later he went to the other side of my car pointing at me car again,same thing,we thought he was up to something and scolding him siao again without realising that he's trying to tell me that i didn't on my head lightS!!!hahaa..i was so embarassed!
we were laughing again for our stupidity,haha!

No doubt,i'm very close with hui,we walked to campus everyday last time back to alpha,and now we are staying together and sleeping on the same bed..haha!!a double-decker la!WE have the same taste of fashion,interests and the most important things is,we always have similar point of view towards something.There are lots of things that i don't have to tell so details and yet she understands me like she's me.WE can talk a lot,we can play like nobody business.Thats one thing i love the most,we always bully LI wei and Alicia(our housemates)together!!hahahahaa!!I guess they are not as corrupted,playful and evil hearted as both of us do,hahaha!

here is the pic of our baskin robin's ice-cream cups.kekekee!!!don't call the police plz....:)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I'm so tired,my bed called me so many times,but then i've got to fetch my cousin sister later in pudu (from singapore).Mean while,i blog..keke!

In my previous post,i've mentioned that Uncle Yow passed away during the accident.But,after a long explanation from my Aunt,it wasn't like that.Right after his car crashed into another car(it was quite a serious one ),someone put him out of the car,my Aunt was so terrified and was shouting for help,BUT NO ONE HELP~!yes,someone did call the ambulans,but it took them half an hour to reach!!If someone would be kind enough to offer to help instead of just hanging around looking as if some "MONKEY SHOW" ,i'm sure Uncle Yow won't be in the casket now!

I'm so disappointed with Malaysian's attitude,what makes them so so so hardhearted?Seeing a man whom is dying and yet not helping?From my others aunts,they believe most people are afraid he would died in thier vehicles which chinese consider it'll bring bad luck.But i still cannot understand,why chinese can be so so so superstitious?

Another thing,what took the ambulans to reach after so long?If a man whom is dying and needed immediate treatment and he died because of the ambulans delayed everything,now,who to blame?If the ambulans can reached like around 10 minutes,my Uncle won't have dead.

Now the fact that he's gone,no one to blame and i don't find it necessary ..its too late for everything now.Haih....

My cousins all came back from singapore,johor,bentung.It's nice to see them again,we only get to see each other once a year during CNY.Back to primary school time,we played together during every school holidays,i miss those days. As we grow older,we're drifting apart,no longer so close like we used to be last time.I've got to bear with it,it's life,everyone is busy with thier studies and some already start working.Somehow,i still love hanging around with them,gossiping and eating!Man...!!everytime i see them,i'll gain few kg's.They always claim that kepong has the nicest food.I do agree that,has been to many places,but still i prefer kepong one's.Maybe i have special bonding with this place.

To remember him..

I'm suppose to be super busy today,but i've pampered myself with a little of time to blog (guess i'm addicted already,keke!).NOthing special,i just wanted to upload Uncle Yow's picture here.

there he is,the right most one with us in Beijing last year.It was a memorable trip,we had fun.GOshh...i'm starting to miss him already.His urn will be place at the same place as my mom-Nilai Memorial Park.

Monday, January 24, 2005


Tired!!!……grandma admitted to the hospital, I’ve got to be the driver of my lilttle cousins, send and fetch them from school. In the same time, i need to rush to Uncle Yow’s funeral, and then go to SJMC. I’m so tired,I could stand sleeping.That’s not all, I have mid term on Wednesday and I haven’t touch any of my notes. Cham!!!….its microelectronics, I’m pretty sure I can’t do the paper if I roughly read my notes.But how?I don’t have the time, I don’t think its wise to do my revision in Uncle Yow’s funeral, it shows disrespect. Someone please me how!.i’ve tried to do revision during midnight where I’m totally free, but I falled asleep as I’m just too tired.

God challenged me, He wants me to be stronger. But am I not strong enough that he had to take away my loves one, one by one, year by year?Well, I’m not suppose to question Him (I repent in the name of Jesus).

I had my dinner late at 10 pm just now, for I hadn’t eat for the whole day yet I don’t feel hungry, in stead I almost vomited by one single tiny piece of “sotong” in the noodle! Stupid sotong…opss….did I just cursed again…sorry. I don’t eat fish because I don’t like the taste of it, same to seafood but I love “lala”, weird isn’t it? I myself don’t know why either.

He's gone.

I was on my way to church this morning,my phone rang and it was dad.I was stunned,eyes red.I turned back and rushed to the hospital,I saw him,lying on the bed,eyes closed and not moving.I knew very well that he's gone,no matter how many times i called him,he'll not respond.

He is my uncle(dad's 2nd elder brother),i called him uncle Yow.When he woke up this morning,there was a slight pain in his heart and it went worse and worse.He took his car keys,drove himself together with his wife to Damansara specialist where he did his check up.Right after he hit the road,he collasped and crashed into another car.His wife by his side whom is injured found him already stop breathing.

When i reached the hospital,all my cousins were there with thier eyes red.I cried,i stoned and i couldn't believe what was infront of me (uncle yow's body).I sat next to him,tears and stoned for hours,hoping there's miracles.I felt so stupid and childish,angel of death had took him away and they usually don't turn back.There he is,gone forever.

Uncle Yow was like my 2nd dad,as he didn't have children,he sayang me a lot,in fact he sayang all his nieces a lot.He gave the biggiest ang pow,he gave pocket money for shopping,and he always buy us gifts when we did well in exams.He was dad's closest siblings,we used to live together before he get married (he was married at the of age 45).We still had breakfast together sometimes dinner even though we're not living in the same house anymore.We are very close to the extend that we always visit each other,go vacation together and etc.He gave me advice when i'm stuck with some troubles,he buy me things that i like.

He was the 4th one in the 4th year.Don't understand?let me explain.Grandma (dad's mom) passed away in year 2002,following by my mom in year 2003,then my Aunt(eldest uncle's wife)in year 2004 and now,uncle Yow in year 2005.WHy?Every year there's a love one left me?They were not just an ordinary relatives,they were very close to me,we used to live together.Grandma and Aunt took care of me when i was young,Uncle Yow visit us very often.I'm sad,since the day i stepped into MMU,my love ones left me one by one from alpha year (2002)onwards.Is there something that cannot be solved which is spiritually involve?My dad used to tell me that its coincidence but now,he hesitated when i asked him.He's sad but yet had control his emotion very well.

Everyone would says that during University time was the best time in life,but to me,i would say,its thehardest moment.What to do,life's goes on.Life is like walking in a unending path,we walk together and some had to stopped in the mid-way,others would continue walking till one day we all meet each other again.Uncle Yow hasn't died,he'd stopped his foot steps only.I don't take death as a ending of someone's life,but instead the beginning of a wonderful life.

I'm very good in hiding up my sadness and feelings,i don't like telling others my problems and sorrows because i'm afraid that others will see me with sympathy which i don't think i needed that,i wanted comfort only.Even last time when my mom was critically ill,no one knows anything not even my close friends in uni except for one friend of mine back in hometown.I don't know why i didn't tell,and i don't know why i can hide everything so perfectly.I didn't show any sadness yet inside me was screaming.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

My 2nd home

My 2nd home located in Cyberjaya,A3-3-3A Cyberia.I called it a home rather than a place to stay during my "classes's days".I have great housemates and i believe everyone in a333a thinks the same,i never expect i could get along so well with my housemates,we came from different places,different background but yet ended up under the same roof.

I have a lot of friends,but there're few that i really love them very much.I see them as my family instead just another normal friend.I can't imagine the day we all gotta say good-bye and be apart,i'll miss them a lot.There was once i dreamt that all of us were hugging each other on our convo. all of us tears.I started to worry and wonder will all of us be as close as now after we graduate?I'm afriad to leave them,afraid to be alone,afraid to walk into the society,i want everything to be the same as now,happy and no worries.I knew its not possible,but why am i so worried?

There're people i came across that are willing to give up the loves one for thier friends.For example,Mr. A step back when he knew that his friends too like the same girl,he always believe that his friend deserve the girl more.In another word,he brings miseries to self by giving happiness to his friends.I used to disagree that,but not untill see it myself.One question to you,will you sacrifice for your friends?

I believe if you truely love your friends,you will.

my housemates,(family) ,from left, liwei,me,alicia,elaine,hinghow,dave.


Anyone knows what's above?kekeke!!u guess now,and give me the answer.But i think it's pretty obvious,hahaha!i'm just so jobless,i'm addicted to blogging..thankz to DAVid.Hrmmp!
There're some clues here,

It is an excellent supplement ,
- Elderly and Children - stimulate appetite and aids digestion
- Pregnant woman - give birth to a beautiful and smooth complexion baby
- Patient - provide protein and nutrient to recover quickly from illness
- Women - make their facial skin smooth and lively

A Saturday

As i slept at 4 am this morning and i couldn't manage to wake up at 9am which i've promised dad to have breakfast with him,but instead,i woke up at 11am...kekeke!!somehow,dad waited for me,we went for so called "brunch" in the same old place (the chinese coffee house nearby).Like all the Saturdays,dad, sis and I would go to the same place for breakfast.I suppose those that are working there would say "oh,is them again!" whenver they see us.That's not all,everytime i'm there,i'll have the same food which is pork noodle.The uncle has known me, he knows extactly how much i can swallow,my dislike and likes.HAHAHa!Some said,like father like daughter,my dad is extactly the same like me,he too have the same food every Saturday morning.

YES!!!you are right,its my dad AGAIN!kekeke.....well,its obvious that he's drilling to fix up a wall fan in the kitchen.The kitchen has no ceiling fan and its a lil stuffy sometimes,so dad decided to get a wall fan.It's only RM 80,i wonder why it's so cheap,'s "buatan malaysia?Dad claimed that we should give it a try instead of supporting imported product as somehow we are Malaysian!

As you can see,it's a BOSCH drill.Speaking of BOSCH,this private company offers scholarships to students in MMU,the issue was,they only offered to Bumiputra and Indian?Why not Chinese?that's so unfair.Anyhow,today,i went and check the same bulletin again,i suppose that had changed it,now they're offering to all Malaysian.HAHAH!i guess they must had received loads of complains from the SRC.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


The cow is specially from my darling friends in my 20th birthday,they knew i love cow a lot..keke!!I'm still keeping it clean as its white in colour.

My mom bought for me and i've gotto tell you that its not cheap.His name is Elmo..hahaha!I love sesame street since i'm young,my mom would on it everytime during my lunch...Elmo is my favourite character as i love the way he laugh ....hahaha!!and that he's stupid enough to always made me laugh.haha!

It's a kiwi!!!!!!You can't get it in Malaysia,my Aunt bought it for me in Italy years ago.It's cute isn't it?

Happy Birthday MOmmy!!

That's my dad and mom,they're loving aren't they?

Today is my mommy's birthday(a super warm and big hug to her ).If she have yet gone to Heaven she would be 48 this year,haha..!!going to 50 already.She used to complained that she's getting older and afraid to reach 50,but i guess now she don't have the fear anymore,as she'll remain the same despite the number of years living in the Paradise.

Mom had died of breast cancer,my aunt passed away a year after her due to cancer too.I went to a doctor for advise when i've found out that my level of iron is super low,she's a very friendly person,we chatted.She told me that i'm at a very high risk of breast cancer because my mother had died of breast cancer.Now,after a year and a half,my grandma(mom's mother) had found out that her right breast has a lump and after checksup and scanning,to my surprise,there're additional 3 small lumps around the big one.The worse one is,there're white spots too,which usually is cancerous,but the doctor cannot comfirm whether the lumps are cancerous as they have to remove it to give further informations.If its cancerous,she has to remove the whole breast.She's kinda sad,i sometimes saw her tearing infront of mom's picture.I remembered she almost fainted when she saw mom's no longer breathing.Anyhow,i still love her very much.

I don't know what's the name of the flower,but i called it pink lily,because it's pink..duh!!!
haha...i bought it for mom,she likes tiger lily but i couldn't manage to get it,instead i guess a pink lily is the closest i can get.I was shocked when i asked for the price per stock,it's RM 12....expensive!

The twins

It was my sister's Pre-U graduation ceremony in KDU.I rushed to Damansara Jaya from Cyberjaya that early morning just to attend her "less than an hour" ceremony,keke!I was pretty tired as i gotto rushed back for classes at noon.The best part was,i had lectures from 1pm to 5 pm non-stop,my eye lids was so heavy that i could hardly open during my last tutorial class. I can't believe i actaully slept,it's a rather small tutorial class and the tutor is handsome,he must had noticed me sleeping in class,there goes my impression,hahaa!

MY super DADDY!

hello world!
Here am i,Stephanie Meiyu joining the world of blogger.

The person above is my dad,guess what he's doing?!hahahaa!!he's pouring a bag of coconut water into the bottle.I found it very funny because he did that right infront of our house's gate,haha!!I wonder why he can't do it inside the house but instead outside where my neighbours giving the strange looks..haha!!anyhow,though a lot of times,my dad love doing things which is a little different from others ,some might call it weird but i called it special.He's always special and super.There's nothing he can't do,when we 1st shifted to our house,he did everything from painting the whole house to fixing up the lightings and fans.He'd taught me so many things since i was borned,he gave my sister and i everything he can afford.

My dad indeed a very patience man,i never see him scolding my mom.Both my parents never fight before,because my dad love my mom very much and i can see that during mom's funeral.
Dad love me and my sister a lot too,he never once scolded us,he instead teach us in a very proper way.I admit that i'm pampered by him,but since mom left,i've learn to be independent.
My life is going so well and not because of him,i don't think i'll be the Steph i am now.

ps. Dad just came back from gym..kekeke!!he's a strong man physically and mentally.