Saturday, August 27, 2005

Busy bUSY bUSY week!

I'm so busy lately that i don't even have the time to update my blog,not to mention visiting others blog.What has occupied me?What else?!?!?!My studies and my school work is piling and i don't see it'll reduce any time sooner.

The none-stop exams system has been famous in MMU,once the mid terms started,there goes together with the assignments which is usually very"killing".How finish all of them in such short period?Why didn't the lecturers upload those assignment in the beginning of the semester instead expect us to handup all assignments according to the due date where the exams are so near!

In addition of my mini project which is super hard, my stressful leve had increased to a level where i couldn't not control anymore,hahaa!

I'm doing a audio mixer for the particular project which of coz its not working properly now, thats why i'm so stressful and headache.Everyday when there's free time,i'll be occupying the labs together with my housemates who is facing the same problem as mine,haha!What a "happy "semester i'm having here,pray for me plz!!I indeed needed more prayers!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What kind of day could make you cry for help?

This week is gonna be a very very hectic and stressful week,i have 2 papers to "conquer",plus the final evaluation for my mini project.It is has added more frustration when i couldn't complete my project properly,plus the i feel like burying myself into the wall and stay there forever.

The killing....!i'm feeling so unwell this 2 days..
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Is my project..don't look that complicated but when trouble shooting,my brain will go crazy...!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Flowers and Vege

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I was off to Cameron Highlands last weekend.With Sheena,Dad and his friends.A total number of 19 person.Dad and his friends went for a mountain hiking while sheena and i gone for a one day trip around the place.Its more like a shopping trip then a side seeing vacation.Both of us are the shopping queen,we can buy about almost anything,even flowers and Vege,i can't believe it myself either,hahahaha!

It was 2 days 2 night trip where we reached Cameron on friday night and left on sunday afternoon.We had our friday night dinner in Tapah in a restaurant by the road side,it was very cheap and the food is not bad.On our way back,we hit Kampar for beef noodle.

Dad's friends are all jokers and from thier outlook,u won't know they are all engineers.Though they are all 40-50,but sitting together with them,i don't feel bored instead,i laughed almost all the time.They are indeed funny whom they talk about almost everything and for sure..THEY ARE LOUD...hahaha!

Why there's no picture uploaded?I brought my camera but the memory card, pictures were taken..hahaha!thats sad isn't it.

Anyway,flowers there are very cheap,i bought a lot of Daisy,the radish were giant,bigger than my arms!!and there were also giant tomatos where its 3-4 times bigger than the normal one.

All in all,i enjoyed the trip a lot,dad's friends are fantastic!