Wednesday, April 27, 2005

5 days off.

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I'll be leaving for Hong Kong on this coming thursday,but why can't i feel the excitement yet?Am i not excited about the trip,well.....ermm..not extactly,had been there few years back,there's nothing fun to play,plus people there didn't give very good impression to me.

Anyway,HK is a shopping paradise!!!I'll be there for it,what else?Besides,the other attraction is the Disneyland but it hasn't complete yet.*sob sob*

Monday, April 25, 2005

From green to purple.

I was in genting with dad and sheena yesterday night,watched some show by AI FM.Everything was good,especially the dancings,not till the uncle sat above us took of his shoe.His "hong kong legs" was "super duper good"!!!Our face turned from green to purple.It was too late to change places as the place had already filled up with people.He sat directly above Sheena,she almost vomitted when he rubbed his toes!!!Imagine,his leg was so near to her head!!Guess he didn't know its obscene to take off thier shoe in the public.

Apart from that,the whole show was great.The crowd gone crazy when they saw Guang Liang.No doubt,he's indeed a very cute guy.

Dad is trying to get his biggest bite.
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Sheena's ugliest countenance.She got the biggiset bite,even dad and i lost.Her mouth is big!!!
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Thats me,being the last in the competition.
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Look at the difference between dad's Whopper and my Mushroom Swiss.
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Here's a picture of Guang Liang,sorry for the poor picture quality because i captured it from far.
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Saturday, April 23, 2005


The sun was burning hot yesterday,so i'd decided to clean up the pillow cases.Then when they were clean as snow,i found they're too plain to be just white in colour.Hence,i'd printed some pictures on them.

These are the steps.
1.Select pictures.
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2.Print out.
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3.Wait for 15 minutes before cutting them into extact size.
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4.Iron onto the cases,DON'T USE TRAVELLING IRON.
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Tradddaaa......!!!4 lovely pillowsssss..
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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Malaysian Drivers.

I had quite a number of bad experiences with Malaysian drivers lately.I don't understand why,maybe KL drivers are far more worse than any part of Malaysia.

You know,weekends,people tends to crowd the shopping malls.I was in a mall last weekend,the car park was so so full,i went round and round and round,still i couldn't find a parking lot after 45 MINUTEs!!!Unexpectedly,i saw a couple were preparing to get thier car out of the lot,i of course quickly i put my signal indicated that "I've booked the parking lot".For not congesting the traffic,i went infront to wait,few seconds later,A VAN came and he too put the signal like as if i'm not exist.I'm very sure he noticed me,but he turned his wheels and "zooop" parked his car nicely into the parking lot.I was so so pissed!Its chinese middle age man,gossssshhh,he has no ethics at all.Thats not all,since the car park was already so congested,but still there're cars that never learn to read the sign board.If its no entry ,means you can't turn into the junction!!!but still they're acting like as if they're correct and u're wrong,hence causing jams.I hate these!!!why can't they just make a bigger round instead of congesting the junctions.

Majoring chinese man don't have ethics in driving,no doubt they're good in skill but driving on road its not all about skills.On the other hand,female drivers tend to give troubles to the traffic by driving super slow in the right most line,they always break for no reason!

There was once i was in Uptown PJ,a car parked right behind my car.I went to the shop and asked,no one knew who's car was that,so,i pressed my horn. Guess after how long i'd waited?The man came down from the building only after i'd horned for almost half an hour,i was already cursing in my car.I wonder if u're such far from your car,please don't simply parked your vehicle anywhere u like.

It was lunch time when i went out yeaterday to banks,thus,its not easy to get a parking lot.There was a parking lot right infront of the bank,but guess what>!?!?!there was a motorbike parking right in the middle of the lot!?!?!?!?!!(a man again).

Always when i'm queuing at toll gate,people tends to cut the queue,most of them think its normal,but there's no diff between cutting a queue when u're paying at the cashier!!!!

If u're about to comment that i'm good in criticising,i don't deny that,i was pretty angry with drivers in malaysia.Government is wasting thier money by introducing Pendidikan Moral!!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The place I call home.

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After so long,it always remains me of my mom.Everytime i'm at home,i feel she's here,watchingover me.I miss her so much,especially when i'm so sick,and when there's no one taking care ofme.When she's still around,im totally a princess,she took care of everything,i haveto worry almost nothing at all.And now,i knew very well i have to find myself to recover when i'm sick because she's no longer be with me.

Her leaving made me a more independent person.I study so hard because i don't want to lether down. She wanted me so much, to be a better student,but i never took her words seriously.I felt so bad because everything i do now,its too late.The me now,is for her.If its not for my mom,i don't think i will transform to a better person.I wouldn't said i'm perfect,but at leasti can confirm i'm very much better than i used to be.

Her leaving too have made my love to my daddy greater.I have understand the feeling of loosingsomeone you've love so dearly.It's totally not good,but too,i've understand that if u truely love someone,you will never want to see her suffer.

Mom suffered from cancer before she'd left.She was so painful and i saw it.She told me so manytimes that she was painful and wanted to "go".I didn't allow,until a point where i could felther pain and i wished her rest in peace.She then left the next morning.I cried not because i'msad but because i miss her around.Why should i be sad over her leaving?She now is so better place than everyone of us do.

Do whatever you wanted to do or say before its too late.
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Sunday, April 10, 2005


It strucks me when i read about iRobot in ljc.Its an automatic vacuum cleaner!!!!Its not big in size and it goes under the area where i normally don't clean,like beneath the couch,cabinets..etc.The greatest part is,it'll goes back to the charger when it's battery is low.Isn't it convenient!?

If i were to know about
iRobot earlier,snow (my dog) wouldn't had given away due to her hair.I miss her so so so much.ERRmmm.....

I wonder whether i could get this fantastic product in Malaysia.I'll definitely buy it if i ever have pets again.I know i can always buy it online,but it cost USD$280,+ the shipping,i guess i'll have to pay RM1500 to own an iRobot.Its way too expensive,but its so so so so tempting....

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a picture of it.


I am so extreamly busy for the past 2 weeks,yeap,i'm still busy now.I still have 2 papers to go before i can officially have my 2 months break.

I woke up pretty early today,6 am!Unbelievable,but as i accidentally slept off at 10pm yesterday,i couldn't help myself,circuits and euquations had jammed up my mind.I practically slept with my notes.kekeke!!

I can't wait for the exams to over and starts my planned holiday.I always wanted to knit,i had asked around,but none of my friends can knit.Well,that day,i was chatting with my aunt and unintentionally found out that SHE CAN KNIT!keke,she gave me her "knitting antiques",a big box filled with yarns and needles,books too.I couldn't post the pictures of it as i've left it at home.
Immediately after my papers,i'll head to her house and learn to knit!

My 1st project will be a scraf,i guess scrafs are the easiest.Ermmm....let me think who i'll present it to???The 1st person in my mind of course is my super hero dad.I guess he'll need it as he always travel.We'll be going to conquer the highest peak in Malaysia (Mount.Kinabalu) in the beginning of May,it'll be cold of course!!2nd piece of my project will be given to my pretty sister (sheena) as i've promised. Then what about myself?!?!!?

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The scraf i've planned to knit will be something like the above.

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This is the sample type of yarns i'll be using to knit my dad's,it'll be purple in colour.30% of silk and 70% of wool.

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It'll be pink for my sister,i bet she'll loves it!

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Examinations period.

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I screwed my Engine Maths paper just now!I'd already screwed up my Tech Comm paper yesterday. I guess my whole finals is so SCREWED!
The lavender flowers are so beutiful,the colour calms me.I even use lavender showgel!