Thursday, May 04, 2017

Kamfei : Day 4


Breakfast : Old town white coffee (instant), dimsum
Lunch :  overnight oats with fresh grapes and chia seeds
Dinner: McChicken burger, fries, 6 pieces nuggets (OPPSIE)

Workout: rest day

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Kamfei : Day 3


Breakfast : Nescafe 3in1 
Lunch :  Mushroom salad
Snacks : Chocolate layer cake
Dinner : Pork soup

Workout: aerotone ( 1hr)

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Kamfei : Day 2


Breakfast : Nescafe 3in1 -->bad!
Lunch : hard boiled egg, sweet and sour crabmeat, spinach, cabbage 
Snacks : Nescafe 3in1
Dinner : Green apple, plum, cereal
Workout: Aerotone ( 40mins)

Monday, May 01, 2017

Kamfei : Day 1

Beep beep..!
I'm giving myself 2months to lose as much weight as possible so I could fit into my wedding dress in July. 
So, here i am, 
jotting down everything i ate and what i did for workout as a reminder to myself. 

Day 1

Breakfast : Butter sugar toast, 2 half boiled eggs, milk tea
Lunch : half bowl of rice, salted chicken, garlic pan-fried spinach
Dinner : deep fried pork knuckle, sausages, mushroom soup, a glass of Margarita 

Workout: 10km run ( 1hr 15mins)

Boy, my dinner was too heavy! 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jasmine's journey with us in Penang

Ever since I've moved to Penang, I've stopped writing. Maybe I'm scare, maybe I didn't want anyone to know my thoughts. 
But, today, 
I've decided to write again, because i wanted to jot down every single little thing that had happened. I'm afraid 10 years down the road, i might forget, forget my dog. Jasmine.

The background, how she came into my life.
13 years ago, mommy got sick and left me. Breast cancer. I thought i was strong but i went into depression unknowingly until everything fell apart. I broke up with my bf, i failed every single subject in that semester and i lose weight.

Jasmine came into picture, she was a 3 months old pup. She lived with me until i moved to Penang for my 1st job. Things didn't went well, and she had to live with my dad in KL, she was 4 years old. 5 years later, she moved back to Penang and lives with Shawn and I, on September 2015. 

On April this year, we celebrated her 10th birthday and we thought she will live forever until 1 week later, she was brought to the vet because of breathing/snorting heavily after an evening walk. Unusual, she snorted the entire night, it was so loud that it could wake up the buffaloes. 

We brought her to HOPE Vet in Sg. Nibong on the next day.
Suspect phlegm built up in the chest. It was a brief diagnosis because Jasmine wasn't helping at all, she didn't allow the doctor to touch her or even go near her. 

we went back with a bag of pills, mainly antibiotics, a 10 days course.
10 days later, we brought her back. This time, she was very cooperative, she allowed doctors to examine her, of course, with her muzzle, or else she might have drained the doctor's blood. Unfortunately, we found lumps at her breast, not good :( 

The lumps, there is no way to confirm if they are benign tumors (non cancerous) or malignant tumor (cancerous) unless they were surgically removed and tested. Hence, we did a full blood test on Jasmine, and found out something. Her white blood cells count is abnormally high and red blood cells count is low, not good :(

We brought her back to the vet yet again, to check out on the blood report. We don't know the root cause since there is no infection found in her. 
But, while doing ultra-sound, doctor saw something. Jasmine's heart is weak, it was pumping fast and soft, on top of that, there is blood leaking through her heart vault, not good :(

It was a lengthy discussion with Doctor Joshua, and we have decided not to remove the tumors. 


1st, with her heart condition, she might not survive through GA (General Anesthesia).

2ndly, even if she survives through the surgery, and the tumors are tested to be malignant, she will need to go through chemotherapy. Let's not talk about the side effects of that, nobody likes chemo! Even with all these unpleasant treatments, chances are, she will only survives 50-70weeks post surgery. Dogs are different from human, breast cancer usually comes back in months time, longest 1- 2 year's time. 

3rdly, Jasmine's whitebloodcell count and redbloodcell count will make her recovery slower than average dog, that means if she goes under surgery, she might die before the cuts are recovered.

so yeah, without surgery she might live longer and most importantly, without pain.

Jasmine, she might not have much time left, but she will be loved and pampered and she will be remembered as a happy little dog. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

jasmine, the dog

I have a dog and she
  • wakes us up at 7am sharp every morning to make sure she gets her breakfast or else she'll make sure we don't get our sleep
  • eats 3 mugs of dry kibbles ,half can of wet food, half of a average size carrot,an apple,whole lots of  snacks and she still wants our food
  • Sits,stares and taps with her paw until she gets her share during meal time,which is very hard to ignore
  • goes up to our bedrooms quietly only when we are not aware, and over turn the trash bin to form a rubbish carpet
  • pee at my bathroom, poo at my dad's bathroom,and the combination never change
  • rubs herself in our beds leaving her scent to make sure we dream of her at night
  • sleeps at least 15 hours a day
  • drinks from a cup,we have to use a plastic cup as her drinking bowl
  • steals socks from the laundry basket
  • has fetish for plastic bottle with caps
  • loves to take her nap in the middle of the clean laundry

And the list goes on....
But I love her to bits!

She is my 10kg American cocker spaniel

Friday, June 27, 2014

It's company's annual fruit party again...

As the title suggest, yes!It's my company's annual fruit party, for the past few years, it was called durian fest as we only have durian and some mangosteen+rambutans. This year, we wanted a different concept by bringing in more fruits, hence fruit party.

Of course, durian is still the main attraction.

Just to give you some background on how i became part of this. I joined Altera about 3 years ago, and not long after, someone approached me asking if I'm interested to join this group called Employee Well-Being. Yes, we have a group of people organizing activities for the company. This is not within our job-scope and not getting paid for this, yet we love it. Sometimes it could be very frustrating because top-management can be quite nasty but yeah...we stayed back because we're passionate.

My role here is mainly on communications. So whenever they need someone to send out email comm, they look for Stephanie :)

Here are the few emails comm for Altera R&D Fruit Party, the worldcup themed.

Just in case you're curious, i did all these in MS powerpoint :) 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ze-BF and I

GOM was watching TV at the couch and I jumped in and started talking to him....

Me : *told him a bunch of things that lasted at least 5 minutes*
GOM : oh..
Me : *continues talking a bunch of things*
GOM : oh...yea
Me : *continues somemore*
GOM : yea..

then i realized he wasn't paying attention to me, so i asked ...

Me : are you listening to me?
GOM : yea..
Me : do you want me to continue talking to you? 
GOM : no.....


 ...but i ignore and continued talking for at least another 15 minutes and he continued replying "oh, yea"..

so great! We are chatting but not chatting....

Monday, May 19, 2014

MInden Residence initial 3D drawing


Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 New year's resolutions

There goes year 2013, time flies isn't it? mmmmmm...

In 2013 I have ....

1. Bought my very 1st apartment and moved in, gone through some really "headache" renovation process. It wasn't easy but i'm glad i've done with it and learned a lot along the way. I'm really happy to have had owned a place to myself before 30, and DAD has helped me a lot financially by reducing my mortgage loan.

2. ..............gained weight, ARGGGHHHHH!!! 56KG to date....omg omg omg

3. being really happy in my relationship with GOM, even though he had to travel a lot and we sorta went into LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP, i was surprised we did not grew apart but instead we were closer than ever.

4. ....emptied my savings for my new apartment...i'm gonna need to save up all over again.

5. went to Macau and had a great time! 

6. finally bought an iMac, loooveeeee it to bits! 

2014 New Year's resolutions..

1. start a 365 picture diary..

2. do a good deed each day..

3.goes back to jogging routine, for health and weight control. My headache problem came back and i hate it! 

.....only 3 things, hehe!! 


Wednesday, September 04, 2013



Monday, August 05, 2013

Renovation in progress

wheee! My tiny apartment is in a mess now, because renovation has finally started!! 
I was so afraid that i couldn't  get the apartment ready by end of August, because i must move out of my rented place by then..

The cost of renovation is slightly on the high side, but i have no choice because i don't have time to scout around to compare price, so yeah..nvm..

the mess!

I'm addicted to , this is the original floorplan. Tiny apartment is about 700sqft with really weird living room, it's not squarish which gave me a really hard time to place my 3 seater couch. I like everything to be symmetrical and this is the best i can do...

On the renovation side,the wall between the dinning hall and kitchen has been removed, making the an open kitchen, and also the sliding glass door is removed and balcony will be closed up with windows.


In progress. The glass door and wall has been removed.

The new floorplan.

The closed up balcony will be Jasmine doggie's "room", there will be a low grill with door in between.

I mainly replace old tiles/WC/basins with new ones, change old pipings to new one, do a bit of re-wiring and that's it.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Macau, Shawn and I

It was Air Asia's fault again, Shawn accidentally bought 2 flight tickets to Macau few months back because they were dirt cheap.
I was lucky because Shawn decided to sponsor everything, including my shopping...yay!!! 
that's because i told him i'm not going because i can't afford it, i am super broke now...

ok, it was a trick.

Anyway, it was really fun because both of us needed a short break real badly, and this came in just right. 


so, what have i done in Macau?


I ate egg tarts, lots of it.
It's so nice, i think they glaze the top with brown sugar, yummilicious


I went to Senado Square


I was amused by funny hydrant



Went to Venetian every night! and bought Roberto..


Visited the Macau Museum..


Bought lemon coke and scrolled around the old town..


Noms Hardrock dinner 2 nights in a row...i wonder why


Took pictures with beautiful heritage buildings!

That's all for Macau, we didn't do much sight seeing because the weather was burning hot.
It would be perfect if we've gone there in winter

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happening in July

Some updates of myself,
I've been working 6 days a week. Yes! It is compulsory to work on Saturday because of this 20nm project which by hook or by crook has to be completed by September,
whole department has been working day and night to get this done.

On the other hand, I finally bought a house of my own. hehe! Very tiny house but I love it, because it's all MINE!! 
With Dydy's sponsorship, of course. 
This tiny apartment has given me a LOT of troubles, not sure if it's just me's memang like this...

It took 7 months to get the legal stuff done and i finally got my keys last week (or 2 weeks before, i don't remember). 
After that, i have problem with the parking. The previous owner doesn't remember where is the designated parking lot, and the management doesn't know either, which is stupid! 
and then, the guards has this little book which has the parking lot number. 
The problem is, the numbers on the floor has faded, and now, they don't know which one belongs to me...

In the meantime, I've called up a few renovation contractors, and all of them are tied up with other projects.
NO ONE wants to take my project....
I got desperate and I called up an Interior Design company,
thank goodness he has bandwidth,
I gave him the details, and waiting for quotation, hopefully it will not be too pricey.

Meanwhile, I've ordered a foldeer sometime ago and it took about a month to arrive from France.
Foldeer is a paper origami deer trophy, it comes in sheets of paper and i need to fold and glue them together.
I love it.
Also, I finally got myself an iMac, my 7 year old macbook is dying, it shuts down depending on its mood, once it has shut down, i will need to wait overnight for it to be fully functional again.
imac has big screen, which makes me dizzy,weird.

and...i'm addicted to chalkboard paint!
I started painting everything chalkboard, it's so fun..

Love at first sight! I saw this from SSF,and super duper in love with its chevron print.
I bought it right away, and i had to carry it back home myself, put it right in the middle of my room and I'm still happy with it!
Even-though, my new house hasn't ready yet =.=

Sunday, June 23, 2013